Now Offering Advanced API Services in Both XML & JSON Formats.


Clients can now choose how they want to receive the information obtained by Searchbug’s Advanced API Service – in either XML or JSON formats.

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Nov 04, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Encinitas, CA -- October 21, 2014

SearchBug announces that it is now making its Advanced API Service available in both XML and JSON formats.

One of Searchbug's most Advanced API Services delivers 99% accuracy by checking in real-time if a phone number was ported. If the number has been ported, the API Service returns the latest ported date, the new (current) carrier and line type. Other data APIs include:

  • Verify Phone Number and Identify Line Type APIs
  • Name from Phone and Reverse Phone Search APIs
  • People Search, Criminal Records and Skip Trace APIs
  • Reverse Address Search APIs
  • Email and IP Address Verification, ZIP Code Lookup APIs

This information is important because with the revised Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the FCC is now requiring marketers to obtain written consent before calling a mobile phone number with an automated dialer. The SearchBug Advanced Phone API can filter out these numbers to help avoid fines or even worse, litigation.

If marketers and telemarketers are not able to obtain written consent, they may need Searchbug's Advanced API Service to identify Phone Numbers and weed out cell phone numbers from their call lists.

Searchbug's decision to offer this information in both XML and JSON formats means even more companies can now get the information they need to avoid violating the TCPA, thwart online fraud, reduce wasted time by validating information from online lead generation forms, conduct criminal record checks for 'know your customer' processes, as well as help thriving and startup web and mobile app developers obtain data quickly without long term agreements or monthly minimums.

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, which is a text format derived from Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is also a popular and lightweight data-interchange format.

Phone Number Verification APIs are useful when it is necessary to verify, validate or check to see if a phone number is wireless (cellular) number, a VoIP number, or a regular (home or office wire line) landline number. The Advanced API Service provides a real-time check for Line Number Portability (LNP).

The service works for all 10 digit phone numbers in the US and Canada.

Additionally, the API tool will identify the telephone company (Carrier), OCN (operating company number), and location (rate center city and state).

Additional Phone API features include:

  • Allows user to verify if phone number is active or disconnected
  • Delivers accurate real-time verification using carrier billing systems
  • Reports new carrier name and type if active number has been ported
  • Also provides billing name for some active phone numbers

To learn more about Searchbug's Advanced API (LNP) Service, please visit

To learn more about all the available API's offers, please visit


SearchBug® is a professional online service for finding and investigating people, businesses, addresses, phone numbers, conducting social security number verification in lieu of e-verify, and much more. The service is used by collections agents, consumer credit specialists, financial institutions, government agencies, health and medical offices, real estate and mortgage professionals, Mobile Marketing professionals, investigators plus many other businesses, professionals and individuals.

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Noah Wieder

“By offering this service in two popular, well-used formats we are positioning ourselves to help as many companies as possible. Whether it's to mitigate the very real risks of violating the TCPA or simply to validate Names, Phone Numbers or Address data,” said Noah Wieder, CEO of Searchbug. “Now companies can get the most accurate consumer contact information available and they can get results in a JSON format that will allow them to begin using it right away.”
- Noah Wieder
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