SearchBug Introduces Integrated Database API’s to Thwart Form Spam


Verifying account holders’ information is necessary to not only prevent financial and security threats but reduce form spam. Identifying Phone Number API Technology serves to validate what an individual enters as personal information. Continue reading

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Sep 18, 2013 /prREACH/ -- There are several industries that require their current and prospective clients to sign-up to company's websites in order to receive certain information and retrieve relevant data. Though such features are meant to facilitate users, some individuals misuse the facility by creating form spam. Individuals, bots and spiders often insert misleading or inaccurate information in web forms which can cause the company to suffer.

In order to avoid losses from inaccurate or misleading information entered into web forms or consumer databases SearchBug now offers API technology to thwart form spam misuse, including a complete range of tools including validating IP address, names, phone numbers, addresses, area and zip codes, mailing and e-mail addresses, LNP Lookup, and other such information.

SearchBug discloses that the most demanded tools in this category, however, are those that are used to verify mobile numbers, landline numbers, VoIP numbers, Carrier names, Porting data, and even Social Security Numbers. Verification of personal information is done through extensive databases managed by the company and via data partners which contains information of more than 400 Million phone numbers, 200+ million individuals and 100 million+ households throughout the United States.

Phone number identification, LNP Lookup, and similar verification services help ensure the accuracy of data input for web form validation when accurate phone numbers are essential or required for follow up. This process significantly reduces dead and bad phone contact information resulting in saving precious company resources and time wasted trying to contact invalid phone numbers whether it is by human calling, automated robo-dialing, or sms text messaging.

“Our clients can integrate their systems with our systems via an array of API offerings in order to access various types of information. They may connect either via website, intranet connection, mobile application, or within the company application. The rate of accuracy in verifying a given phone number is up to 99% or more with real-time services”, says Noah Wieder, the Company CEO.

About SearchBug:

SearchBug is a public records research company operating online. The primary services include locating and investigating businesses, individuals, pertinent business addresses and phone numbers, etc. The company's clients belong to a number of industries, for instance, collection agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and government agencies.

In addition, specialists of consumer credit, professionals associated with the mortgage and real estate industry, officers of mobile marketing, as well as officers concerned with the health and medicine industry also seek SearchBug's professional assistance to access the millions of records provided by the company for marketing and database management as well as trace and screen certain individuals in order to verify their track records.

Contact Details:

Phone: (800) 990-2939 Fax: (760) 454-7341 Email: support at searchbug dot com Address: SearchBug Inc., 364 2nd St. Suite 4, Encinitas, CA 92024


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Noah Wieder

"The rate of accuracy in verifying a given phone number is up to 99% or more with real-time services”
- Noah Wieder, CEO
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