Self-Transformation & Ancient Techniques – A Response to Societal Collapse


(prREACH) Is society on track for a collapse as argued by MIT scientists in the 1970’s? Is a complex systems failure imminent? Is Earth at its climatic tipping point? Will food supply and natural resources run out? Will pollution levels … Continue reading


Vienna, Vienna, Dec 23, 2022 /prREACH/ -- Is society on track for a collapse as argued by MIT scientists in the 1970’s? Is a complex systems failure imminent? Is Earth at its climatic tipping point? Will food supply and natural resources run out? Will pollution levels rise? Will economic growth decline? Will we wage another war? What will be the next shock to the global population?

With many nodes that make up the vast network, if any subsystem fails it is sure to bring others down in a cascade effect, collapsing the whole system.

We don’t need to create a better planet Earth, the planet is already perfect. We need to respect it and learn to steward it, but we turned it into a battleground and separated ourselves not just from nature but also from who we truly are. We do not have to solve a climate crisis or financial crisis or an economic crisis, we have to solve the crisis of how we think, behave and act in this world.

Our current way of thinking, feeling and operating has led us into the 6th mass extinction. The first one which is caused by human behavior. We have it in our hands, how this will turn out. It’s not about saving the planet, it is about saving the future of humanity and all future generations. For millennia indigenous traditions deeply understand that we are caretakers and stewards of this planet. But currently we are living as a parasite on this planet, which is being reflected also in all man-made systems and structures. This is not sustainable and hence no wonder that we see so many things collapse.

How can humanity purposefully change course and alter the trajectory of the path we are currently on? One of the simplest begins with changing ourselves.

From science we know that consciousness is creating our life experiences and that underneath physicality everything is energy. If the world, being simultaneously created through our perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions is reflecting us back to ourselves, wouldn’t it make sense that it is we who created it as such? The time is ripe to take responsibility for what we see and build new systems through a collaboration of empathy, love, and deep understanding; not fear, greed, war, power struggles, and old values.

With 95 percent of our thinking and decision making based on old programming from the subconscious file cabinet of negative thoughts and wrong beliefs, is it any wonder that the world is ready for a reset? Limited thinking, egocentrism and misinformation has detoured the majority of humanity to a separate, fearful, and isolated path of suffering.

The perfect moment has been aligned for us to rise above old, wrong and out-dated behaviors, beliefs, and concepts. These opportunities, often disguised as adverse circumstances, are the ones we seemingly misinterpret. That is the paradox of life. Extreme times require extreme courage to consciously reconnect with our true essence by going deeper than ever before into self-investigation, stepping out of what we are not, and unlearning what has never served us. Disconnecting from all stories, reconnecting with our inner truth and wisdom. Becoming writers and producers of our own lives instead of being an actor in a play someone else has written.

Through ancient wisdom traditions much of this unblemished information is still available to us regarding self-transformation. These paths have been rebirthed and reshaped through wise sages and so remain timeless in their teachings, still transforming the lives of many through self-realization even after millennia.

Whether Shaman or Sage, reverting back to the simplicity of knowing the Self through these practical teachings, Self-enquiry, and guidance is still the easiest and most direct path to happiness - timeless and independent of any gender, culture or race.

About Monika Maria Wiesner

Renowned entrepreneur, coach, inspirational speaker, Shamanic practitioner, and healer Monika Maria Wiesner continues her relentless efforts to guide individuals worldwide in their healing journey. She helps others make radical changes to their lives by sharing the experience and wisdom she gained during the darkest phases of her own life journey. She put together almost two decades of searching, studying with Masters, learning from the most inspirational people, leaving behind her limiting Western education and view of the universe and opening herself to holistic healing. She is a proponent of ancient wisdom traditions, who stood the test of time for millennia. As a practicing Shaman and Energy Healer, she believes that awareness and self-love are the easiest and most direct paths to happiness. 

“I am here because my most blissful moments and my highest reward in life is helping others by sharing my experience and wisdom on how to make radical changes. How to leave behind all the false and limiting beliefs, reconnecting with the force of creation, beyond the material world, where true miracles can happen. Especially in these turbulent times it is a blessing to be able to bring back hope where people lost their hope, manifesting dreams people didn’t even dare to dream anymore and facilitating change,” Monika Maria states. 

Monika Maria is also a seasoned corporate leader with strong expertise in building leading-edge corporate communication organizations and guiding them through corporate changes and transitions. In her career she has worked with leading multinational companies around the world for almost 25 years. She also shares her message as an inspirational speaker, and has shared stage with eminent personalities such as Steve Wozniak, Jeff Ross, Hugh Hilton, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Vanilla Ice, JT Foxx and others. 

More about Maria Wiesner and her transformation healing techniques can be found at her website or Instagram page

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