Seller Sessions Fetes 60th Live Podcast with Lineup of Expert Guest Speakers


Danny McMillan of Seller Sessions recently hosted his 60th consecutive podcast aimed at Amazon and e-commerce sellers. The podcast featured a panel of expert guest speakers; Steve Simonson, Liran Hirschkorn, Norman Farrar and Tim Jordan. Continue reading


Hertford, Hertfordshire, May 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Seller Sessions podcasts, hosted by Danny McMillan, recently celebrated its 60th consecutive live show with special guests Steve Simonson, serial entrepreneur and host of Awesomers podcast, Liran Hirschkorn of Incrementum Digital, Norman Farrar, the CEO of prREACH and Honu and Tim Jordan, founder of Hickory Flats, Inc and Private Label Legion. McMillan comments, "I mentioned I would go live every day through the pandemic, no excuses. I did not expect to go live for 60 consecutive days in a row."

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Seller Sessions is a weekly podcast show aimed at advanced Amazon sellers, offering breaking news and advanced techniques for the large Amazon FBA community around the world.

The 60th show highlights the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic from an Amazon and e-commerce seller perspective. Through each show, McMillan has passed on his advice during this time. "Don't be afraid. See what's out there. Don't let the news cloud your judgment. We have to deal with where we are right now, so you might as well make the most of the situation. The clearer you think, the more creative you have the opportunity to be," he says.

McMillan and his top-notch guest lineup discuss the current shift to e-commerce, the acceleration of online demand and the tremendous opportunity that lies ahead for Amazon and e-commerce sellers. The pandemic has brought about a "new normal," and this change in customer behavior has the potential to stay going forward. The guest panel agreed: how sellers react to the situation is critical.

"Always be planning and keep doing until you know what's going on and during COVID. No one knows what's going on right now. Being aggressive, planning ahead and pushing that ball forward daily makes true entrepreneurs," says McMillan.

The Seller Sessions website is an excellent resource for online sellers. "We share our learning freely and openly on Seller Sessions to keep ourselves on top of our game, to connect with you and others in building and growing our businesses together," he concludes.

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