Silicone Reusable Bag Use Trending, Brand Comments on Food-Grade Features


A reusable silicone food storage bag from Urban Noon is now available for sale on Amazon. The unique design of this product makes it extremely easy for users to store their food for a long time in a sustainable manner.

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Seattle, WA, Aug 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Urban Noon, a family business dedicated to delivering innovative culinary products, has recently introduced its new product, a reusable silicone food storage bag. This eco-friendly food bag has been manufactured using food-grade silicone, and comes with numerous impressive features to make food storage convenient. As a bonus with each purchase on Amazon, the manufacturer is offering a reusable produce mesh bag suitable for grocery shopping.

More information about Urban Noon’s new reusable silicone food storage bags can be found at

The brand says that silicone bags have quickly emerged as an environment-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. According to experts, food grade silicone is safe for people and the planet because it is odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and can be completely recycled. Moreover, silicone is derived from silicon, the second most abundant element on earth’s crust.

Urban Noon says that food grade silicone is a top choice for food storage bags because it is resistant to degradation and damage caused by extreme temperatures and doesn’t crumble, peel, crack, rot, or harden over a period of time.

Each set of silicone reusable food bag from Urban Noon comes with three medium sized bags suitable for the storage of baby food, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and liquids. The pack also contains one large bag capable of storing family sized food and meal prep. All these bags are leak proof and resistant to heat as well as cold. As a result, users can cook their favorite food, store it in the fridge, and warm it up in the same reusable bag.

Some other key features of the silicone food bags from Urban Noon are summarized below:

  • Innovative, concave design with strengthened expandable base that keeps the bags upright and makes it easier to use and store the food without a stand.
  • Its Hermetic sealer locks in the flavor, and restricts freezer burn.
  • The leak-proof clip allows users to store liquid foods at a high capacity.
  • Bags can be cleaned easily by hand or dishwasher.
  • The addition of special hook holes allows them to be hanged for easier drying.

“While designing our silicone bags, we wanted to focus on the common issues people face while using these products,” said Ian Secan, the spokesperson from Urban Noon. “Followed by extensive market research, our design team has created something unique. We have no doubt that these bags will serve you for years without clogging up landfills with non-biodegradable plastic.”

To find out more about Urban Noon silicone food bags, please visit the company’s website or Amazon storefront.


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