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Blackbox Goods is now recording impressive sales figures for its smell-proof containers for weed. The company delivers premium cannabis storage containers that redefine people’s lifestyles and is a leading force in the cannabis storage industry. Continue reading


Toronto, Ontario, Jun 23, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Blackbox Goods continues to receive an excellent response from users of its popular smell proof containers for weed. Company sources reveal that the sales volume for this product has soared in recent months, even becoming one of the top-rated products on Amazon. Owned and managed by a team of inventors, thinkers, and disruptors, Blackbox Goods creates practical yet effective products with advanced materials and design that elevate users' lifestyles. The company’s flagship product, the Vault, is the world's first-ever carbon fiber stash box.

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“We are always looking for ways to transform the cannabis accessory and storage industry by bringing out products using advanced materials and construction never seen before. Since its launch, the Vault has received an excellent response from buyers. In the last few months, the sales volume for the product has increased significantly. This success is a true testimony to the quality we deliver, and it will encourage our entire team to continue to push and operate to a higher standard - something we happily accept.” said Philip Li, the spokesperson from Blackbox Goods.

The Vault is a 100% smell proof herb container made with advanced materials uncommon in the cannabis accessories market. The Vault’s Carbon F-Flex technology makes it the most durable storage option in the market for cannabis herbs, edibles and concentrates. In addition, these storage cases come with modular compartments for larger, custom storage space tailored to each individual users’ set-up.

Blackbox Goods started its eventful journey in the cannabis storage market with its maiden product, the Blackbox. This product is made of premium-grade ballistic nylon and can store daily essentials as well as potent flowers and concentrates. This smell proof case features the company’s proprietary triple-layer smell filter to contain all types of odors.

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Blackbox Goods by Kulbi are the experts in cannabis storage. Using advanced materials like carbon fiber and ballistic nylon to bring high functional products with unparalleled protection to cannabis users — from beginners to connoisseurs alike.
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