Smell-proof Stash Bag Container Box Case for Weed Brand, Blackbox Goods, Announces Financing Program


Blackbox Goods by Kulbi, makers of the smell-proof stash bag for cannabis and accessory storage, is offering customers the option to use the Sezzle payment plan for product purchases. The company utilizes advanced materials for smell-proof, durable, and discreet storage. Continue reading


Toronto, Ontario, May 20, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Blackbox Goods by Kulbi is excited to announce its recently launched product, The Vault, which is now Sezzle verified. Customers can purchase the smell proof stash bag with Sezzle’s “Buy Now and Pay Later” finance program, where they can buy Blackbox Goods products under a convenient four-payment, interest-free plan. The company has ensured that its affordable product pricing and Sezzle payment option means consumers of all financial statuses can participate.

Find more on the smell-proof stash box by visiting proof-stash-box.

The Black Box team comprises a talented group of inventors, thinkers and doers, creating solutions to problems they themselves faced. Through this approach, the company is redefining the modern lifestyle with practical and effective products designed to elevate everyday living.

The company’s current focus is to change the cannabis accessory and cannabis storage industry by bringing to market products containing advanced materials and top-quality construction. “We are the experts in cannabis storage; when we launch a new product, it's something new and has never been seen before yet is incredibly unique and practical to all cannabis users — from novice to connoisseurs,” says Philip Li, the company’s senior spokesperson.

The company’s newest product, The Vault, is the world’s first carbon fiber stash box, a smell proof container for weed with Carbon F-Flex™ Technology, a robust fabric with thin carbon fiber sheets in between the material. Li explains, “By using advanced materials, such as carbon fiber infused fabric in our products, we can offer customers items that meet our standards for high functionality, insane protection and durability with incredible flexibility.” The hard case has been tested to also stand up to 50 pounds of crushing force.

The company adds the following additional features customers can expect from its smell proof bag:

  • Slash proof
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Shockproof
  • Impact proof
  • Crushproof
  • Smell proof
  • Extra-large storage space with modular compartments for maximum organization

The company has already established itself as an industry leader with the previous release of its Blackbox, the original smell proof stash box. Utilizing Smell Block™, a proprietary triple layer technology, the Blackbox provides 100% smell proof protection for the most potent of cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates. Many users prefer to store cannabis in smell proof containers, as cannabis can carry a strong, skunky odor due to the presence of terpenes. A blog post on states, “One reason as to why cannabis terpenes stick out so much is that we are not used to these aromas. The strain-specific terpenes are a blend of smells that create a profile unlike anything else.”

Impressed users of the original smell proof case have given the product consistent top marks as a recommended purchase. One reviewer shares their recommendation, “Are you looking for a bag to stash your things discreetly? Confused by the options on Amazon? Well, look no further because, unlike other bags on the market, this one has three layers of active carbon protection instead of one like the competitors. Other bags market themselves as having multiple layers, but those layers aren't important nor add to the smell proofing.”

The review continues, “This is a very nice bag. It fits two herb jars, an herb grinder, a grinder, two vaporizers and still has some room for another jar and accessories. It is so smell-proof that even having the bag open but with the top layer closed still locks out odors!

Blackbox Goods guarantees all its products with a lifetime warranty.

For those interested in additional information about cannabis accessories and storage by Blackbox Goods, please visit the official company website.



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Blackbox Goods by Kulbi are the experts in cannabis storage. Using advanced materials like carbon fiber and ballistic nylon to bring high functional products with unparalleled protection to cannabis users — from beginners to connoisseurs alike.
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