Snowy Mountain Traders Launches With Custom Artwork Giveaway

  • Date: Jun 21, 2021
  • Category: Art

Snowy Mountain Trader’s new art store is now open, and it is celebrating by giving away a custom artwork to a lucky contestant in a free drawing.  Along with the launch, the shop will also be donating 10% of profits from each sale to the charity organization- The Animal Protection Society of Durham, NC. in association with Durham County Cares during the week of June 21-27. Continue reading


Buffalo, WY, Jun 21, 2021 /prREACH/ -- With over seven years in business, Snowy Mountain Traders has always had an interest in supporting animal welfare, ecology, and healthy living organizations through donations and fundraisers. "We want to give back from what we have been given," said owner Norman Crenshaw.

In the beginning, Snowy Mountain Traders was a small shop on selling hiking poles in 2013. "We still love hiking and actually are adding a new line of trekking poles very soon," he said but wanted to expand into artwork that touches the heart and home as well.

Crenshaw said "It's never too late to celebrate the beauty of life. The family and tradition we cherish are what make this world a little more beautiful, so it is important that they be celebrated with humor and creativity! That’s why our new art store will focus on bringing back these values in an accessible way for all generations."

Doing giveaways and supporting charities is a win for everyone. Snowy Mountain Traders wants to build a relationship that lasts with its customer family, a business they will recommend to their friends. "That feeling you get when something touches your heart — we want to be a factory for that," Crenshaw added.

The company will also be featuring artists and their works in the store.  "Every time someone visits our store, there will be something new to discover.  Gaining exposure is difficult for artists.  We plan to help them gain exposure so they can concentrate on producing their art.  It was just so cool," he enthused.

Crenshaw continued, "Not only is this a great way to show our gratitude with customers and friends alike, but we get more people engaging with us and building an awareness of how we all can make a difference in the lives of others. Giving is where it's at."

To learn more about Snowy Mountain Trader's store and artwork giveaway drawing, visit



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