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    SOL*CBD Launches Breakthrough Liposomal CBD Oil with 4/20-inspired Charitable Donations

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    SOL*CBD recently launched a new wellness product, the Whole Body Liposomal Cannabidiol, a delivery mechanism that promises more efficient transportation of medicinal cannabinoids into the system, along with a more pleasing taste. To mark the occasion, SOL*CBD has donated a portion of all proceeds from sales made on April 20th to a quartet of health, policy and advocacy organizations.

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    May, 2016 -  SOL*CBD provides high quality, hemp derived CBD oils and tinctures to clients across the country, and recently added a new product line, the Whole Body Liposomal CBD. In order to drive awareness and support the medical marijuana community, the SOL*CBD team tied the product launch to a host of charitable contributions. All sales of the company’s CBD products processed on April 20th triggered a donation to four organizations committed to advocacy, policy, or public health.

    While people have been using hemp-based medicine for quite some time to treat a wide range of maladies, several issues have limited the treatment's efficacy and integration. According to SOL*CBD's co-founder, Oksana Ostrovsky, quality plays a crucial role. “Many companies cut corners in order to maximize profits, SOL*CBD does not and will not - ever. SOL*CBD uses organic hemp that is carefully extracted to maintain a full nutrient profile and whole plant integrity.”

    SOL*CBD utilizes only the highest quality, wholly organic ingredients in each product. The Whole Body Liposomal CBD is derived from sunflower extracted phospholipids, and is a full spectrum hemp extract. It is sweetened with real fruit extract along with Stevia herbal extract, and is shipped in Miron Violet glass, which provides maximum preservation for the CBD Oil. While certain wavelengths of visible light can damage herbal extracts, other wavelengths actually enhance them. Miron Violet glass was chosen by SOL*CBD with that in mind, as it acts as a natural preservative, while preventing phytonutrient oxidation better than any other storage media.

    A big issue that has plagued some CBD oils is the ability to effectively absorb. Oil and water do not mix, and human beings are primarily made of water. This absorption challenge is addressed by Liposomal CBD Oil. Liposomes are similar to vesicles, structures the body naturally produces. Vesicles are double-layer, liquid-filled bubbles made from phospholipids. Liposomal CBD oil is constructed in a similar manner, using these liquid-filled bubbles, in this case filled with CBD, to swiftly transport ingredients throughout the body. That allows for maximum lymphatic system uptake, so the CBD is fed directly into the immune system, avoiding unnecessary elimination by the liver.

    The chemical structure of the Whole Body Liposomal CBD aids in the masking of potentially bitter ingredients. “The things that are best for health often don't taste that way,” explains Mrs. Ostrovsky. “Oil embedded in liposomes means there is a safe, natural barrier between the tongue and those bitter tasting nutrients, making it an easier option for children, or others who are taste sensitive.”

    In addition to impacting people across the country with quality products, SOL*CBD is also committed to charitable contributions. In conjunction with the launch of the Whole Body Liposomal CBD, SOL*CBD donated over $2000 to four charities: the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Marijuana Policy Project, and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. “Each of these charities are owed an incredible debt of gratitude for their work,” declares SOL*CBD co-founder Larry Ostrovsky. “NORML, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Marijuana Policy Project, and MAPS all advocate in different ways, but each one stands for honest education and the public interest, and deserve all the support they can receive.”

    For more information about SOL*CBD's full product line, as well as the new, Whole Body Liposomal CBD, visit http://www.solcbd.com.

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    “Many companies cut corners in order to maximize profits, we do not and will not - ever. The SOL CBD careful and expensive extraction process maintains a full nutrient profile and whole plant integrity.”
    - Oksana Ostrovsky
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