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Noviland offers an easy-to-use service to e-commerce businesses wanting to scale their supply chain by sourcing from overseas. The supply chain management solution combines hands-on purchasing expertise with an impressive network of vetted factories. Continue reading


Norcross, GA, Jan 05, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Noviland, an American-based global sourcing partner for e-commerce businesses, has simplified sourcing from overseas with its intuitive, simple-to-use cloud platform. The company's unique model combines hands-on purchasing expertise with an extensive network of more than 4,000 vetted factories in China.

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Sourcing and logistics are perhaps the most significant challenges online sellers face and can potentially consume an incredible amount of time and resources. Born out of a need to solve the supply chain issues plaguing many in the e-commerce world, Noviland designed and officially launched its cloud platform in 2018. Francois Jaffres, the director of business development for the company, says, "We were the first to market with a platform that focuses on the service side of the international supply chain and manages projects the way that ours does."

The cloud platform is ideal for private-label businesses of all sizes and Amazon sellers looking to scale up their supply chain. "Our cloud platform is a one-stop-shop for sourcing and logistics," adds Jaffres. "We work with sellers from sourcing and purchasing, through logistics and 3PL (third-party logistics) fulfillment while providing transparent updates in our Noviland platform."

Jaffres highlights the advantages of working with Noviland from sourcing to delivery:

  • An expert team of account managers and factory experts work alongside clients every step of the way.
  • High-quality quotes from the top, pre-vetted factories that best suit client requests.
  • Arrange, consolidate, inspect, and ship client-requested samples.
  • Transparent order updates with multiple production and logistics checkpoints.
  • Quality check performed for each order before shipping.
  • Consolidate client orders from multiple factories and ship them together.
  • Logistics management, including shipping, imports and exports all the way to the final destination (as well as Amazon FBA warehouses).

Once a client has created a product RFQ (request for quotation), the dedicated Noviland team will select the most appropriate factories using data science and AI technology. The cloud platform then makes it easy for clients to access quotes, order samples, collaborate with their team, place orders and reorders, track real-time production progress, and check quality-control reports.

Clients of the company are eager to share their successful experiences, including this feedback from an online seller, "Noviland has taken the stress out of sourcing products for me! They already have established relationships with many factories, so I don't need to vet them personally. They have done a great job of resolving any quality-control issues for me and have even suggested and negotiated higher-quality components for me for no additional cost. I have been very pleased with my experiences with them!"

To view the simplicity of the Noviland platform for supply chain management, the company has created a YouTube channel with excellent reference videos.

Those interested in additional information about the sourcing agent, Noviland, or inquire about the company's offer of a free product quote should visit the official company website.



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Noviland is a supply chain management solution that simplifies the supply chain for businesses of all sizes in one simple-to-use platform. We work with them from sourcing & purchasing, through logistics & 3PL fulfillment while providing transparent updates in the Noviland platform.
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