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Harold Brown, owner of the website www.speakersandtrainersnetwork.com announces the launch of the website focused exclusively on the planning, production and promotion of successful webinars for presenters from all walks of life. Continue reading

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Feb 19, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The explosive growth in popularity of webinars has encouraged speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, authors, business leaders, educators, product creators, service providers, experts and thought leaders from all walks of life to include webinars as a key element in their overall communication and marketing strategies.

Webinars are now a proven and effective tool for generating leads, building credibility, attracting new business, giving branding a boost, creating additional revenue streams and educating interested parties.

The convenience of being able to attend a webinar from the comfort of a home or office is a big factor in the growing use of webinars. Smartphones and pad devices can even stream live events so webinars can be seen, and participated in virtually anywhere a person can take a device. In addition, webinars can be highly interactive and feel like real-time, face-to-face encounters, which helps build top of mind awareness of the company, the brand or the presenter.

The tasks associated with delivering exceptional webinars can seem daunting, especially to those just getting started with webinars. The challenges facing webinar presenters include developing a good action plan, choosing a webinar host, creating and delivering a compelling presentation and developing a working follow up plan.

The Speakers And Trainers Network website (www.speakersandtrainersnetwork.com) helps presenters overcome those hurdles and create and promote highly successful webinars that leave attendees feeling entertained, better informed and good about the time they have invested in attending the webinars.

Presenters interested in learning more about the service can email [email protected], visit the website or call 208-362-6611 during normal business hours MST.

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Well executed webinars can become the single most powerful marketing and presentation tool available to individuals and organization today. The Speakers and Trainers Network website and staff are totally dedicated to helping presenters plan, create and promote webinars that work.
- Harold Brown
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