Spring is the Perfect Time of the Year to Begin a New Career in Dog Grooming


With winter behind us and spring quickly approaching, even the canine community needs a good spring cleaning. Richard and Carol Doggett, owners of ‘All About Dog Grooming’ home study training course talk about spring as an important time for pet care and a wonderful time for students to begin training for this exciting career. Continue reading

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Apr 16, 2014 /prREACH/ -- As expert dog groomers with decades of experience to their name, Richard and Carol Doggett know the importance of seasonal changes to a dog's coat and how proper grooming can make such a big difference to a dogs comfort and well-being.

As Spring begins in full bloom and the temperatures begin to inch upward, it is a perfect time to learn and practice dog grooming.  Over winter months, pet owners will allow their canine companions coats to grow longer, which can be problematic for the pet and can cause grooming issues during the Spring.  As the temperature levels go up, dogs can become uncomfortably warm and with their longer fur left to grow all Winter, Spring is the time to notice matts and tangles forming and dead hair to be shed.  Therefore, it's an ideal time for new grooming students to practice their new skills and help out their furry customers.

As part of their ground-breaking dog grooming training program, 'All About Dog Grooming', the Doggett's will teach their new students how seasonal changes effect a dogs coat and how to make the most of newly taught grooming skills.  Their home study program consists of a comprehensive training manual accompanied by several hours of training DVDs,  that teach how to clip and scissor style the popular breeds most commonly seen by the professional dog groomer.  Included also will be the ability to consult one-on-one with the Doggett's themselves, as needed.  It is the perfect study format for the new or novice groomer alike.

Richard and Carol  take their students by the hand and lead them from the basics on to the more complicated grooming  techniques, with solid, factual teaching.  An array of tips and tricks of the trade are also shared.  A portion of their training manual is dedicated to planning, setting up and operating a successful business from the ground up - even for those on a limited budget.  'All About Dog Grooming' is a resource which students will want to refer back to time and time again.

Let's hear what former student, Marcy D. from Indiana has to say about her experience...

"I want to thank you so much for the materials that you offer...it was the best way for me to learn and your techniques are very easy to follow.  I have to be honest...my husband said there was NO WAY I could learn to groom dogs from something I found on the internet.  He does not say that now!  He watched some of the vides and was very impressed!  I have been grooming for over a year now, full time and it looks like I will double my income for this coming year. "

For those thinking about this pet-lovers trade as the perfect career, they'll be happy to learn that 'All About Dog Grooming' is currently offering an early Spring discount of $50.00,  which prices their all inclusive training package at $249.95.  Students also have the opportunity of buying now and paying nothing for six months with *PayPal's "Bill Me Later" program.  All other forms of payment are also accepted.

To learn more about the Doggetts,  their story and more indepth information about their training program, visit www.LearnToGroom.com

*PayPal financing available to U.S. customers only

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"I want to thank you so much for the materials that you offer...it was the best way for me to learn, and your techniques are very easy to follow." states
- Marcy D., Indiana
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