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  • Date: Feb 04, 2014
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Why Americans are now the fattest people on the planet and what to do about it. Continue reading

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Feb 04, 2014 /prREACH/ -- America is one of the fattest countries in the world.  Actually Mexico gets to share this very unfavorable distinction with America but Mexicans do not spend 100 + billion per year on the 4 P Phenomenon: pills, powders, packed foods and preposterous promises to try and lose weight fast.

“The only thing getting slimmer is the American consumer’s bank account”, says Rico Caveglia creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle and a personal health and fitness coach in San Diego for the past 33 years.

Rico believes that there are three main reasons why so many Americans are overweight and find weight loss so difficult:

Reason One: People are hoping beyond reason for a 'magic pill' for weight control.  Rico says, when an ad offers quick weight loss, without exercise, and eating anything, people do not recognize that the advertisers are preying on the consumer's desire for a magic bullet and are likely more interested in money than improved health. Obviously, if the 4 Ps worked America would be a nation of trim fit people.

Reason  Two: In addition to lack of exercise, the main reason so many are grossly over weight is due to the poor quality of most standard American foods.  America is overfed and undernourished.  The big food manufacturers know the exact formula of sugar, salt and processed fats that have consumers addicted to their low nutrient, high calorie junk foods.  Rico contents that they are no better than the tobacco companies; that these entities only care about their financial health not the health of their customers.

Reason Three: A polluted environment coupled with  stressful, rushed lifestyles has left many people with hormone imbalances which contribute to a deranged metabolism and thwart weight control efforts.  It’s very important to have regular doctor visits to uncover the possibility of an underlying hormonal imbalance and receive the appropriate treatment.

Rico believes the solution to unhealthy weight problems is three-fold:  education, inspiration and a mindset change. He has written a book entitled :" Stop The Insanity: How to end your struggle with dieting and weigh loss forever."

This book can be downloaded for free at:

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