Successful Real Estate Investing Firm Closes $32M Apartment Investment Deal


Darwin German Real Estate Investments has recently announced the successful closing of a $32 million investment deal on the Gold Creek Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas. This newest acquisition is projected to provide a 16%+ ROI to investors. Continue reading


Irving, Texas, Aug 29, 2020 /prREACH/ -- For over 28 years, Darwin German Real Estate Investments (DGRE) has focused on educating investors about the unique income-producing opportunities to acquire properties, emphasizing a maximum return potential. The company recently announced it closed a $32 million investment deal on the Gold Creek Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas.

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DGRE Investments raised $14 million from investors and placed $21 million in debt on the investment. The company was able to lock in an amazing loan at 3.59% for 10 years, with only 5 years of interest. DGRE projects this newest investment to provide its 80 investors with a significant Return on Investment (ROI). "Gold Creek is the newest investment for our company and is expected to provide our partners with a 16%+ ROI. This property was built in 2017 and was purchased well below replacement cost. DGRE has been investing since 1989 and has owned/managed over 7,000 apartment units and transacted over $400 million of transactions,” says DGRE President, Darwin German.

Premier real estate education company, FortuneBuilders, outlines the benefits of investing in real estate over other investment opportunities in a comprehensive investment article. The article states that real estate investment has proven – time and time again – that it can serve as a wealth-building vehicle for savvy investors for the following reasons:

  • Tax Advantages - Rental houses, apartments, vacant land, commercial buildings, industrial properties, shopping centers and warehouses all offer their own unique tax incentives.
  • Cash Flow - This is what remains after collecting the rent and paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance and any repairs.
  • Hedge Against Inflation - Unlike almost every other form of investment, real estate reacts proportionately to inflation. As inflation increases, so do rents and home values.
  • Leverage Funds - Purchasing a property does not require every single cent of the funds upfront. Leveraging money allows an investor to initiate more than one real estate deal at a time because all of the funds aren’t tied up in one project.
  • Equity - When borrowing money to complete a real estate deal, an investor will be required to pay it back with interest. However, each payment also leads one step closer to paying down the principal payments, which simultaneously builds equity and wealth in the same property.

German is well-respected in the world of real estate. Having a wealth of expertise and experience under his belt, he has been invited to speak at some of the world's largest wealth and real estate investing conferences. He has shared the stage with celebrities and some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial space. German sets himself apart from the competition through his dedication to communicating with transparency and authenticity, which goes above and beyond the industry norm.

The company describes itself as an alternative real estate brokerage firm, breaking the traditional real estate investment models. “We adhere to a diligent practice of onsite research, renovation and management of each property within our investment strategies,” German explains.

DGRE has been receiving resounding testimonials from investors that have had the fortune to work with German. “I am a Google executive and multi-family investor from California. I own more than 6,000 multi-family units across Texas and other locations and have invested in properties in which Darwin German serves as sponsor and operating partner. Darwin is by far one of the best deal sponsors and operators I have had the pleasure of working with. His ability to identify and underwrite deals and obtain great financing to ensure fast closing is top-notch. In addition, Darwin has great operational and communication skills; his property performs at or above proforma, and his communication to partners is timely, well-thought-out, and useful. I enthusiastically recommend Darwin and look forward to partnering with him again,” reports previous investment partner, Barak Turvosky.

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