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    Swim Spas Denver, Dealer Shares 3 Tips for National Romance Awareness Month

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    Denver Swim Spas Dealer, International Hot Tub Shares 3 Tips for Stronger Romantic Relationships. Offers Local Residents Free Hot Tub and Swim Spa Test Soaks.

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    ”International Hot Tubs and Fireplaces selling hot tubs, swim spas, massage chairs and fireplaces serving Denver, Boulder and Highlands Ranch shares, “3 Tips for Stronger Romantic Relationships.”

    Rich Hiner of International Hot Tub says, “Romance is an important element in any love relationship.” Romantic connections also make relationships fun and exciting in ways physical connections cannot.”

    Here are three tips for stronger romantic relationships that everyone can do.

    Increase Romance with a Denver Swim Spa at Home – Swim spas provide double the pleasure and fun by offering people the chance to increase physical and emotional well-being in one activity. A compact piece of equipment that’s easy to install and more cost effective than a swimming pool, a swim spa at home offers instant romance.

    While there will always be those who choose to fight traffic and crowds at a local health club, or pay hefty dues to use a pool, a swim spa at home is a much better alternative. Plus, with on-demand use, a swim spa is convenient fun.

    Improving fitness together can improve relationships, and aquatic fitness exercises are at the top of the list of best aerobic activities. However, above and beyond the obvious aquatic fitness aspects of swimming, exercise spas have all the features of a comfortable, cozy hot tub – a soothing place to relax and spend time together in a romantic atmosphere of warm, bubbly water.

    Put the Past in the Past – One of the biggest romance killers is a long memory. Arguing is a fact of life, and no matter how close two people are, they will never agree on everything all the time. Fights happen, but once it occurs, it is critical to resolve the issue and accept the resolution as final. If one person in the argument feels they gave in unjustly, they may hang on to that resentment, making it worse than it needs to be. The best way to ensure romantic strength is to put arguments in the past and move forward.

    Live, Love and Laugh – It is an old saying, but one that has much power. Laughter is one of the main elements in not only a strong relationship, but also, a happy life. When couples can laugh at difficulties, they eliminate stress and strengthen bonds.

    In an effort to help educate the public on how swim spas, hot tubs and hot water hydrotherapy can help improve overall health and well-being, IHT will provide free swim spa test soaks at all their locations during the entire month,” said Jill Seng, marketing manager.  They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

    Consumers wanting to find the location nearest them are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.  The website address is http://ihtspas.com.

    About International Hot Tub Company Since 1978, IHT - International Hot Tub Company has been providing the Finest Products and service available in the Hot Tub, Spa and Fireplace Industries.International Hot Tub Company offers Hot Tubs including Hot Spring, Caldera, Limelight, Hot Spot, FreeFlow and Nordic.International Hot Tub Company also features used hot tubs and the used list changes daily. IHT carries many other fine home products in our showrooms, including Exercise Swim Spas by Endless Pools, Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts by Kozy Heat, Napoleon & Vermont Castings, custom Saunas and Steamrooms, Gas and Charcoal BBQ Grills by Weber and The Big Green EGG, Massage Chairs by Infinity, and Gazebos by Sequoia Works.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a swim spa or hot tub, just give us a call at 303-296-7727 or visit our website at http://ihtspas.com.

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    Romance is an important element in any love relationship. Romantic connections also make relationships fun and exciting in ways physical connections cannot.
    - Rich Hiner, President of International Hot Tub
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