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    Swim Spas Ventura – Dealer Shares Health Tips For National Social Wellness Month

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    Swim Spas Thousand Oaks, CA, Dealer Shares Three Easy Tips to Get Fit Faster. Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks To Ventura and Thousand Oaks Residents.

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    Spa-Warehouse, a premier swim spa, hot tub, and portable spa dealer in Ventura area selling MAAX portable spas, publishes “3 Easy Ways to Get Fit Faster.”

    “July is the month when we focus on the ways that social wellness helps us improve our lives and live healthier,” said Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at Spa-Warehouse.com. “Having good social relationships helps us in all areas of fitness including the most common, diet and exercise, and it helps in less visible ways as well.” Here are three easy ways to get fit faster using social wellness principles.

    Get Out and Have Fun – Joining local clubs and going out to local establishments and meeting new people helps increase a sense of well-being and connection to others. It can take a little practice, but talk to new people when out at an event or even when doing the shopping. Be careful not to monopolize the conversation.

    Ask questions and listen to what others have to say, too. Little conversations may not kick start a long term friendship, but they make people feel good inside and instill a sense of connection to the world around them. When there aren’t any local meetings or events to attend, take a walk around the neighborhood and get to know the people who live in the area.

    Give and Accept Help – The old saying that goes “it is better to give than to receive” is a good one. Get out of the house and volunteer at community centers, senior homes, hospitals, libraries, or any place that needs it. Not only do people feel good when they've done something for others, but they meet people who are giving and open to strong social relationships.

    When others offer to help with work, school or around the home, let them. Not only does it take the stress and strain off when others help out, but it gives them a sense of community and good will as well. In this case, both the giver and the person benefiting from the service get to feel good. Don’t forget to write a nice 'thank you' to strangers, family, and friends who help out.

    Swim Spas Can Build Social Bonds – Getting out and meeting others is a great way to build social bonds, but make the home a place where close relationships can build. Install a swim spa and create an instant gathering spot in the yard, on a balcony, or patio. Swim spas combine the atmosphere and healing aspects of a hot tub and the healthy exercise and sport of a full-sized pool.

    They are soothing, making them a fantastic place to relax and have conversations and enjoy time with family and friends. At the same time, a swim spa is created with a current that allows users to swim in place and get the same workout they would when swimming laps. Being healthy physically lets people feel better about themselves and become more outgoing when making personal connections that promote social health.

    People wanting to learn more about hot tubs are encouraged to visit the company website and pick up a copy of their free report “Insider Secrets to Choosing the Best Hot Tub" Visit, http://www.Spa-Warehouse.com/

    “To help local residents understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, Spa-Warehouse will provide free hot tub test soaks during the entire month,” commented Vishnefske. “We want to encourage local residents to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub for themselves,” said Vishnefske.

    About Spa-Warehouse

    Coastal Softub takes great pride in offering on spas that are “Made in America”. As an A+ rated member of the BBB they offer customers a comfortable, inviting buying experience and a no-cost on-site home inspection prior to placing the order for a spa.

    With a proven reputation of over 40 years of expertise in luxury hot water relaxation products, they represent the MAAX family of products including Elite Spas, and VITA Spas, California Cooperage Hot Tubs as well as the PowerPool Swim Spas. Their variety of spas, give you a wider selection of features, design and style of spas all from the same manufacturing facility in Chandler, AZ.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their free report “Insider Secrets to Choosing The Best Hot Tub" Visit, http://www.Spa-Warehouse.com/ or call (805) 654-9000.

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    Having good social relationships helps us in all areas of fitness including the most common, diet and exercise, and it helps in less visible ways as well.
    - Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at Spa-Warehouse.com
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