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“Lunch With Norm” Dynamic Week of Entrepreneurial Expertise

New York, NY, February 17th —As February progresses, “Lunch With Norm” continues to deliver actionable insights and strategies in the e-commerce space. Hosted by Norm Farrar, the podcast presents a diverse lineup of guests for the week of February 19th, … Continue reading

“Lunch With Norm” Unveils an Exciting Week of Entrepreneurial Insights

New York, NY, February 12th — This upcoming week marks an exciting lineup of guests on “Lunch With Norm,” offering invaluable insights and strategies for entrepreneurs and e-commerce enthusiasts alike. Hosted by Norm Farrar, the podcast continues its mission to … Continue reading

“Lunch With Norm” Presents a Dynamic Week of E-commerce and Amazon FBA Insights

New York, NY, February 5th — The upcoming week at “Lunch With Norm” promises a dynamic lineup of guests, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the virtual table. Hosted by the Norm Farrar aka “The Beard Guy”, the podcast … Continue reading