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Foot Exfoliator Mask Peel Care Kit Brand Discusses Importance of Foot Care

Soft Touch has recently discussed the importance of proper foot care for healthy living. The company’s popular foot peel exfoliator is now selling successfully on Amazon.
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Dry Heels Cracked Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask Treatment Care Set Receives Accolades on YouTube

Soft Touch is happy to report that its dry heels cracked feet exfoliating foot mask treatment has been making waves on YouTube. Impressed customers have been showing off the effectiveness of the foot peel with videos documenting the process from start to finish.
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Foot Care Mask Kit Dry Skin on Feet Treatment Tested for Safety, Brand Says

The foot mask by Soft Touch is an effective dry skin treatment easily done at home. The brand’s formula contains natural botanicals and has been dermatologist tested for safety. Continue reading