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Author Kathi Burns Appears on The Inspiration Show hosted by Natalie Ledwell

Kathi Burns, CPO® is the best selling author of How To Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. AddSpace To Your Life. Live Your Purpose! On June 9, 2014, Kathi will be interviewed on The Inspiration Show by another best-selling author and the co-founder of Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell. Continue reading

Organizing Expert Kathi Burns Shares How To Reduce Stress Through Organizing

80% of clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space. Learn how creating a ‘yard’ around each designated ‘home’ will keep possessions from possessing! Continue reading

New Online Training Course Makes Home Organization Easier

Home Organization Becomes Easier as Nationally Known Image Coach Kathi Burns Announces the Release of Her New Online Training Course, “Home Organizing Made Simple.” Continue reading