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Susan Sly To Deliver Training At Go Pro Recruiting Mastery

Susan Sly, along with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington, Harry Dent, and other successful entrepreneurs, will be training at the 5th Annual Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event November 20-23 in Las Vegas. Continue reading

Susan Sly Releases Report On Creating Family Habits During The School Year

Balanced living expert Susan Sly has released a report titled “12 Ideas For Creating Family Habits This Fall” available on her website. Continue reading

Susan Sly Interviews Sharon Lechter On Step Into Your Power Podcast Series

Balanced living expert Susan Sly, hostess of The Step Into Your Power Podcast Series, recently interviewed Sharon Lechter about the June release of her upcoming book “Think and Grow Rich For Women”. Continue reading

  • Date: Apr 13, 2014
  • Category: Books

Susan Sly Featured In Upcoming “Think and Grow Rich For Women” Book

Susan Sly, author, speaker, balanced living expert and self made millionaire is now featured in Sharon Lechter’s “Think and Grow Rich for Women”, which is due for release in May of 2014. Continue reading