TalkTools Goes Global Again in 2020


On the heels of its first successful foray into the virtual space for global conferences, Talktools will hold its second virtual global conference on October 13-23, 2020. Over 40 leading experts in feeding will speak at the event, called “Feeding First: Connect & Collaborate!” Continue reading


North Charleston, SC, Aug 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Following the success of "The Exceptional Child: Empowered!" conference, TalkTools® will be holding its second virtual global conference this fall.  The online event, called "Feeding First: Connect & Collaborate!" will be held on October 13-23, 2020.

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From TalkTools President, Luke Blessinger: “With the unprecedented success of our first global online conference, we knew we had identified a need among speech and feeding professionals — to equip them with the knowledge and training from a wide variety of experts, so they can effectively collaborate with other professionals on their client teams. We have applied the same model with this conference and are expecting equally amazing results!”

The agenda includes a diverse group of over 40 world-renowned feeding experts, including Melanie Potock, Diane Bahr, Debra Beckman, Marsha Dunn Klein and Lori Overland. Overland will kick off the conference with a live, virtual keynote address. Agenda Tracks will cover the latest hot topics in feeding:

• Early Developmental Feeding • Oral-Motor and Sensory Techniques • The Picky Eater and Beyond • Managing Dysphagia • Integrated Feeding Approaches

There will also be an exciting add-on pack available as part of the conference package – Orofacial Myology and Dental Considerations in Feeding:

• TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues) • Airway • Oral Health • Dental Trends

Here is some feedback from participants who attended Talktools' first Virtual Global Conference: The Exceptional Child: Empowered!

“There’s not been a better, more comprehensive and diverse lineup of experts in one conference.”

“It was a wonderful conference! I enjoyed getting to hear from multiple members of a multidisciplinary team. The resources provided to us were amazing, and I can’t wait to apply them during clinical practice.”

“The diversity of the presenters was fantastic and highlighted how there is more than one way or approach to tackling the complex clients that we often are presented with to help.”

“Online made my attendance possible — I am very grateful for this opportunity!”

“During the times of COVID, I felt this online format was incredible.”

“I loved the webinar format; it was so accessible and useful for me to learn on my own time!”

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