“The Future Of Mobile Is NOT Apps,” Says Inc. 500 Mobile Marketer Amish Shah


As mobile app developers contend with escalating competition, development costs and marketing overheads, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Amish Shah is documenting surprising success in a new kind of publishing platform within the $50 billion mobile marketing industry. Continue reading

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Aug 26, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Encinitas, CA, August 26th, 2014 - Nearly 1,000% growth and over 3 million downloads in under two years: these are not the figures a mobile entrepreneur would expect from a random marketing experiment. But they’re exactly what Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Amish Shah has experienced by leveraging a new kind of mobile publishing platform designed to solve the challenges of the typical mobile app business.

“By mid 2012 I found myself getting restless with mobile apps,” explains Shah, who has built and sold 4 digital businesses and app companies with revenue exceeding $25 million. “Mounting competition, marketing and development costs were complicating my path to profitable impact - which led me to experiment with publishing ebooks and other educational content on the same platforms others are using to publish apps.”

Recent stats appear to back up Shah’s claims of a hardening mobile app industry. A 2012 study by digital analysts Canalys, for instance, found that 50 percent of all app revenues are now shared between just 25 prolific developers: mostly large gaming corporations like Zynga, Electronic Arts, Disney and Rovio.

Canalys predicts that this trend of corporate monopolization will make it increasingly harder for the average app developer to be discovered by users, let alone turn a profit.

Shah’s counter approach, which he calls the MobiPubber Business Platform, is surprisingly simple: he creates or rebrands existing high-quality ebooks and other written educational material, publishes them on platforms like Apple’s iBookStore and Google Play, then applies a replicable step-by-step marketing process to drive traffic and sales to his content network - which in the process helps elevate millions of lives.

According to Shah, this approach involves no restrictive startup costs, almost zero overheads, no difficult technical skills to master, and the freedom to build one’s passive income stream at a comfortable pace.

“All levels of entrepreneurs are facing an incredible window of opportunity to make both a positive impact and a name for themselves in this underserved niche of the mobile marketing world,” explains Shah. “The niche’s estimated value is growing rapidly, from $275 million in 2012, to a projected $1.4 billion by 2017 - yet only a handful of entrepreneurs are leveraging it in any meaningful way. Transactions are also sharply rising, going from 130 million in 2011 to over 400 million in 2012. And we’re seeing these numbers being driven not by large corporations, but by a still-small community of solopreneurs who are simply leveraging the opportunity in from of them.”

Even the ebook format itself is enjoying rapid growth, accounting for 3% of U.S. book sales in 2009, 22.55% in 2012, and 30% in 2013.

Shah adds, “This really is the future of mobile publishing - it’s an increasingly hungry market that anyone can start serving quality information to, regardless of experience, marketing budget or prior commitments.”

In 2013, Shah began grooming his first network of ‘MobiPubber Pioneers’, all of whom were able to build their own profitable mobile publishing businesses in 3 months or less. Today, in an effort to expand his content network and his own personal brand, he’s now extending a public invitation for other entrepreneurs to learn the ropes through an online training program that helps them build their own mobile publishing empire from scratch.

“I’m saying this to every entrepreneur I meet: let’s step up as the pioneers in this emerging platform, by spreading the kind of positive educational material hundreds of millions of people need to live happier, wealthier, more fulfilled lives. And let’s get rewarded doing it,” says Shah.

Amish Shah is a serial entrepreneur who over the past 14 years has built and sold 4 digital businesses and app companies with revenue exceeding $25 million. In 2011, his mobile company Digispace earned him a spot in the Inc. 500 list as one of the 10 fastest growing companies in San Diego. MobiPubber is his latest business platform for entrepreneurs looking for a better way to create a sustainable passive income venture and spread positive knowledge in the mobile marketing industry.

For more information on the MobiPubber business platform and online training program, visit: www.MobiPubber.com

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