The Futuristic Academy Announces Their Launch


The Futuristic Academy has just announced their launch. This academy is run by three individuals; Jonathon, Norbert and Didi, and it aims to help individuals support themselves by doing what they enjoy.

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May 30, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The Futuristic Academy has just announced their launch. This academy is currently run by Jonathon, Norbert and Didi, and it is built on the premise that individuals should be able to do what they enjoy for a living. The academy aims at assisting people by allowing them to ask questions of the three mentors about facets that could be holding them back from fulfilling their goals.

The Futuristic Academy states that individuals should get an idea about what they want to do with their time before starting to move in the direction of their choice. The moment a product or service is introduced to the world, the aim is then to drive traffic to the business and convert visitors to customers.

This academy has made a members area available to people who are looking to build connections within the field of their choice. These connections, according to the business, are in place to help people succeed, and they can be built on over time. Just as individuals are given the chance to make valuable connections, as the company states, they are also encouraged to aid others in the same way.

Core values have been built into the workings of the community, and these include Community, Contribution and Collaboration. According to the company, this academy allows people to start generating buzz for their business and this, ultimately, provides businesses with the opportunity to grow. Buzz is generated, in part, by the connections that individuals make as they become a part of this community and begin contributing to it however they are able to.

Joining the academy will cost students $29 each month, although this number is set to rise to $39 in the near future. The founders behind the community believe that it is going to increase in size at a rapid rate in the next few years.

The entire program offered by the Futuristic Academy is divided into 6 phases. The first phase entails cultivating an idea and building a strong foundation for a business. The second phase is about designing a plan for a thriving business to ensure that profits are maximized. The third phase is about developing products and offers that are key to establishing a profitable business.

The fourth phase is about building and influencing the audience through content and engagement. The fifth phase is about expanding the business through marketing strategies and traffic generation. Lastly, the sixth phase is about sales and conversion. The company believes that unless individuals are profiting from their business, they aren't really in business.

These phases make up the core curriculum offered by the Futuristic Academy. Students are advised to continue contributing to the community to improve its offerings and to benefit everyone involved.

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