“The New Picasso” Publishes 1,000 Days of Daily Art

  • Date: Jan 16, 2015
  • Category: Art

Your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, make more money, or quit smoking have gone down the drain. But Ori Bengal is 1,000 days into creating art. He is releasing an art book to capture the journey. Continue reading

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Jan 16, 2015 /prREACH/ -- While most peoples’ New Year’s goals of losing weight have gone down the drain, Ori Bengal is 1,000 days into his goal of being an artist. Bengal has been a 3D animator, photographer, copywriter, web designer, and homeless, and in 2012 decided that he’s going to be an artist.  He has created art every single day since then. This Saturday will be his 1,000th day, and the day he puts out his first art book.

Bengal thought that galleries were boring, until a friend took him to a bunch in Maui.  There Ori first felt wonder, then heartbreak because he is not creating art.  It wasn’t until he announced that he’s doing a daily drawing that he really improved.  Drawing turned to painting, to carving, to sculpture, to welding, to 3D printing, to bronze… which turned into 1,000 days, and into an art book.

Steven Pressfield, Author of New York Times best-selling book, “The War of Art: Break” echoes Bengal’s statements on the importance of doing the work daily, and that sacrifices need to be made.

Pressfield says, “The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”

Bengal says that at first it was difficult, but daily creation became part of him.  He would skip sleeping but never skipped creating art.

Ori shared his work every day on his Facebook profile, because he knew that someone out there would be a jerk and mock him if he skipped posting a day.  He never gave them the opportunity, and amazing things happened.  His craft improved. He inspired many others to pursue their passions. He sold art to collectors globally.  And he found out that many people are moved by his art.

Collectors from around the world seem to enjoy Ori’s talent and what he communicates through his work.

"Good art, art like Ori Bengal creates - takes you on a journey. It inspires mind and emotion" says Mark Effinger, CEO atWebNutrients.com, and one of Bengal’s collectors. "Ori's Art is a creative catalyst. It engages the eye on so many levels. And always makes you think. Then smile."

“Pablo Picasso was known for being prolific.  He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet, and playwright” says Palyn Peterson, who has purchased numerous pieces by Bengal.  “Ori Bengal is hot on Picasso’s trail, constantly exploring new styles, new medium, and new techniques.  He is the Picasso of our time.”

Ori’s book will be released on the Amazon Kindle platform on his 1,000th day.  The book will include both art that he’s created over the 1,000 days and many of the life lessons that he learned over his journeys.

Ori will create 100 hard cover copies of the book, 20 of which will be given in a drawing to those that buy between 11AM and noon Eastern time on Saturday.

You can get the link to Ori’s book as well as where to send your Amazon receipts to at http://StickfiguresToPicasso.com

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Pablo Picasso was known for being prolific. He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet, and playwright, while having 5 distinct periods in his works, and co-inventing collage and cubism. Ori Bengal is hot on Picasso’s trail, constantly exploring new styles, new medium, and new techniques. He is the Picasso of our time.
- Palyn Peterson
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