The People Search Industry Is Now Officially On Notice: Finally: A New And Better Way To Conduct Searches


It’s a fact. The people search industry got a bad rap with the advent of free online databases and all the spam and scam websites. As proof, look no further than comments and reviews from customers of some of the most popular services. The word “satisfaction” does not usually enter the conversation or appear in their reviews. But here’s what will help: The new assisted investigator search service. Continue reading


Jun 01, 2013 /prREACH/ -- Encinitas, CA —Noah Wieder, As expected, the launch of the assisted investigator service has officially put the people search industry on notice: And not a moment too soon for all those concerned about the increased difficulty in locating people and debtors, not to mention the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in some of the other so called online database and public record research  services.

As SearchBug CEO, Noah Wieder shared, we knew there was a significant and growing market for assisted people search services and private investigator services. And rather than model our people search competitors, we chose to model what works, our own bestpeoplesearch website  We listened. We discovered shortcomings that became real cornerstones of our investigator assisted services. Attention to details  Communication (online, phone, & email), ease of use, follow through, and the human touch. Our customers say we're on too something.

The majority of customers looking for reliable services like background checks, asset locates, cell phone number locates, criminal searches or skip traces indicated three major factors in choosing a people search provider:

  • Trust – Customers want facts, not sales copy. Fly by night web sites, misleading claims and inaccurate information are death tolls,. reference:
  • Communication – Customers like toll free phone support where they can actually speak with a knowledgeable customer support person.  Customer support is seriously lacking in many online people search sites as a cost cutting measure.
  • Account Support – An easy way to view or edit account information including charges and search reports (requested, in progress, and completed). Customers are weary of automated recurring charges and billing nightmares .

For media inquiries, to arrange for an interview or an expert quote please contact Noah Wieder at 800-990-2939 or visit the knowledge base .

SearchBug Inc. is a merger between and providing access to data sources and a network of real private investigators. Using proprietary algorithms and search technology, SearchBug provides individual users and large corporations accurate information for critical business or personal issues.  Searchbug is listed a Reference Resource in the California Franchise Tax Board Debtor Asset Location, section 5, page 5 as well as a in Frank Mastor’s Exposing Litigants Who Fabricate Evidence as published in Litigation, Volume 32, Number 4 by the American Bar Association. SearchBug is headquartered in Encinitas, CA, United States and has been an online people search resource for more than 15 years and has helped thousands of clients over the years.

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