‘This is not a game to me,’ Saudi Singer TamTam Urges Global Equality for Women

  • Date: Oct 24, 2014
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Saudi Songstress, TamTam is kicking off her #GenderGame campaign, aimed to bridge the gap between Middle East and US perspectives on gender equality. She wraps her latest tour with a Show at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on October 27th. Continue reading

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Oct 24, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Saudi-born songstress, TamTam, will release the music video for her soulfully anthemic single Gender Game on October 28th, just one day after she headlines at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. The singer and philanthropist hopes to spread her message of gender equality with an American audience. After leaving Saudi Arabia to record her EP and film her video here in the US, her authenticity and talent quickly garnered the support of Actress and Social Activist Geena Davis.

TamTam recently wrapped up a short East Coast tour where she performed in front of world leaders and key Hollywood influencers at Geena Davis' See Jane Symposiums.  Her performances were a special part of the events which were hosted by the Institute on Gender in Media.

Gender Game, the single off of TamTam's recently released EP is now available on iTunes and for free on the singer's website.

The release of the Gender Game music video on October 28th, marks the beginning of the #GenderGame campaign intended as a direct call for women to focus not on the gender-based limitations of a patriarchal society, but on what they, as human beings, can gift the world. The hashtag campaign itself is part of a larger conversation that TamTam hopes will continue long after the music video is public.

Her decision to spend more time in the United States is grounded with the intention of fostering stronger relations between the US and countries in the Middle East, including her native country, Saudi Arabia.  TamTam hopes to bring a more comprehensive understanding of Middle East culture in order to break stereotypes and inspire women all over the world to feel proud in their own skin.  The singer was candid with us about her thoughts on her home country, which has been widely criticized for it's treatment of women. “I am very grateful for everything that my country (Saudi Arabia) has provided for me and I deeply value our traditions.” Tamtam said. “Gender Game and this performance is not about rejecting those ideas, it’s about understanding them. It’s about having the freedom to make your own choices.”

Her upcoming show at the Hotel Cafe on October 27th will be on the eve before the public release of the Gender Game music video.  TamTam hopes the video will show young girls that, "the world's attitude toward women is, in fact, evolving."

Tickets to her headlining show at the Hotel Cafe can be purchased in advance on the Hotel Cafe website: https://www.hotelcafe.com/tickets/?s=events_view&id=3385


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TamTam is a Saudi-born musician based in Los Angeles, California. Her diverse background resonates deeply throughout her music, as her sound is cultivated by a rich combination of cultural and social themes. A hybrid of blues, pop, and Arabian influences, TamTam represents a cultural paradox. Her music speaks to many social challenges, including women’s rights and social freedoms, and continues to inspire people from all walks of life. TamTam is a voice for an increasingly intimate global community, a voice for the new-age shift in human perspective.

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"What hurts the most is if she were a boy it would be fine, but doing it when you're a girl, you really cross the line"
- TamTam, Gender Game Lyrics
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