Time Is Now Foundation Board Member Announces New Humanitarian Trip To Haiti


Time Is Now Foundation board member announces upcoming humanitarian trip for relief efforts in Haiti; this will be the third such trip for the young non-profit organization, with more planned for the future. Continue reading

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May 14, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Boca Raton, FL. (May 13, 2014)--Joe Metcalfe, board member of The Time Is Now Foundation, and sales director at Real Estate World Wide (REWW), announced Tuesday that he will be making his second foray down to Haiti on a humanitarian mission.

Real Estate World Wide (REWW) CEO Kent Clothier, and CIO Heather O’Brien began making donations and taking humanitarian trips to Haiti in late 2012.

Since that time, Clothier and O’Brien, as well as others in the company like Metcalfe, have been traveling to the island in an effort to assist the victims affected by the devastating earthquake that shook the region in 2010, leaving over a half a million children orphaned, and hundreds of survivors without food, shelter or water.

Thus far, the majority of the efforts and donations made by REWW have been done in conjunction with other organizations that have been assisting in the area. California nonprofit CPR3 and The Caring House Project Foundation are two such organizations that have made a huge impact on the wrecked, impoverished island.

Deeply affected and inspired by what they’ve seen, the team at REWW decided to embark upon their own journey to create a nonprofit organization that might be of service to those in need.

The Time is Now Foundation was formed in early 2013, and O’Brien, the organization’s Executive Director, has been working diligently to obtain California 501C3 Status.

While Haiti relief efforts have been high on the list of priorities for the new organization, home front assistance has been a big concern, as well.

Starting out small, the organization paid off Christmas layaways for needy families in the States last year, a tradition that has been in the Clothier family for nearly a decade.

“We are looking forward to making a bigger and better impact globally, as our organization grows. This has been a truly life altering experience” said Clothier. “Success without altruism is empty- it’s as simple as that. We’ve been very fortunate in our successes at Real Estate World Wide. Giving back is a cornerstone of our philosophy”

Metcalfe’s upcoming relief tour to Haiti will be the second for him since 2012, and the third for The Time Is Now Foundation members as a whole. Of the trip, Metcalfe said, “I’m excited about this trip because we will be staying in the village with the people who live there. We’ll get to experience, if only a very little, what life is like for them. I think that will go a long way toward building the empathy needed to assist them effectively.”

Metcalfe also spoke about being an entrepreneur and what that has meant for him both personally and professionally. Citing freedom as his main motivator, he said, “This business of real estate education and investment has given me the freedom to give back by donating both time and money, in addition to the freedoms it has provided for my own comfort and enjoyment in life. That’s priceless in my mind,”

About Real Estate World Wide and its Team

Real Estate World Wide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company and database software vender, with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona; San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

About Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is president and CEO of Real Estate World Wide, and a best selling author, as well as a real estate investment expert, teacher and mentor. Clothier is also a board member and president of the Time Is Now Foundation.

About Heather O’Brien

Heather O’Brien is CIO of Real Estate World Wide, a real estate education company and database software vendor. O’Brien is also the executive director of the Time is Now Foundation.

About Joe Metcalfe

Joe Metcalfe is sales director at Real Estate World Wide. Metcalfe has been working alongside Kent Clothier, CEO of REWW for over 4 years and has been a major factor in the growth of Kent’s companies during that time. Metcalfe is also a board member of the Time Is Now Foundation.

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Success without altruism is empty- it’s as simple as that. We’ve been very fortunate in our successes at Real Estate World Wide. Giving back is a cornerstone of our philosophy.
- Kent Clothier
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