Top San Diego Fertility Coach Helps Women Get Pregnant After 40 Naturally

  • Date: Apr 30, 2020
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Women over 40 are turning to a more holistic and natural approach when it comes to infertility and getting pregnant. Julia Chang, a top fertility expert, coaches women with expertise and empathy, ensuring a less stressful and daunting experience with a high success rate. Continue reading


San Diego, CA, Apr 30, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Julie Chang is a natural fertility expert and coach specializing in the fertility of women who are over 40. Women in this age range are often given little hope and encouraged to explore expensive and unnatural fertility therapies and procedures. Chang disagrees and suggests women make a series of specific diet and lifestyle modifications that promote healthy, high-quality eggs and balanced hormones.

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With Julie Chang's fertility program, women over 40 are given the support and tools to make the changes that are necessary for conceiving naturally. "The most significant reason women struggle with pregnancy after 35 is due to cell damage and a decrease in egg quality. These eggs either have too many or too few chromosomes and are not easily fertilized," Chang said. "The chromosome damage occurs before ovulation, and the key to preventing this damage is to improve follicle cells before they develop into final eggs. Women have two to four months to strengthen developing follicle cells before ovulation takes place."

According to Chang, women over 35 must improve their overall health to maximize egg quality. Proper nutrition, an adequate amount of sleep and toxin avoidance are the most critical factors for healthy cell production in the body. With Chang's expert knowledge in microbiology and molecular genetics combined with her holistic approach, women over 40 will naturally make the adjustments needed in improving fertility.

Chang wants women to know that naturally conceiving is achievable and straightforward through her fertility coaching, "Protecting your ability to get pregnant in your 30s and 40s involves making small improvements in the things that you are already doing. The cumulative effect of these actions over time will protect your eggs so that you have your best chance for natural pregnancy after 35 and a healthy baby," she said.

Chang has changed the lives of her clients and can be credited with many successful pregnancies. One happy mother writes, "After three failed IUI's and three IVF procedures, my husband and I were devastated! I started looking into natural ways to get pregnant because something inside of me believed that we could conceive naturally. After eight months of focus with Julie's help on getting healthy, we were able to conceive naturally at 42 years old. We now have a healthy girl!"

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