True Nature Roofing Helps Colorado Springs Residents Recover From Massive Hail Storm


A late July storm produced tennis-ball sized hail in the Colorado Springs area. A local roofing company is amping up their efforts to help their neighbors repair and rebuild from this historical damage. Continue reading

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Aug 03, 2016 /prREACH/ -- A late July hail storm has come and gone in Colorado Springs, Colorado but not without leaving a huge swath of destruction in its wake. A local contractor, True Nature Roofing has geared up their services and capabilities in the aftermath, making sure customers get their homes put together as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

Hail storms are nothing new to the Colorado Springs area. The state as a whole filed the 2nd most hail-related insurance claims from 2013-2015 according to the National Insurance Bureau. Frequency and familiarity doesn't make dealing with the storms any easier, however.

The most recent severe weather produced hail that was over 2" in diameter. The storm came on strong and suddenly, but lasted over 11 hours according to local reports. The Colorado Springs airport is already reporting $300,000 to $500,000 in damage just to skylights, runway lights, and vehicles. The total damage across the region could be similar to a July 2009 storm that cost over $1.4 billion in insured losses.

Recovery is never easy in these situations, but True Nature Roofing is trying to make the process as seamless as possible. One of the most important services they offer is insurance claim assistance. They help file the claim, and they work as liaison in the customer's best interest to make sure all damages are compensated for as they should be.

True Nature is also offering free damage inspections. The first part of filing a hail damage insurance claim is to get a full comprehensive inspection to account for all of the damage. With the large amount of roofing activity in the area for the coming weeks, it is important that this process is done as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Finally, True Nature Roofing is cranking up their capabilities after the storm. They have added to their experienced staff and are prepared to get local roofs sealed up and repaired before the fast approaching winter season.

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The first thought in the aftermath of a cataclysmic storm like this is the safety of our neighbors. Unfortunately, though, we all have to soon begin the process of repairing our homes. Our goal is to first off help our customers with the sometimes arduous process of dealing with insurance adjusters - and then ultimately implement repairs as needed.
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