TruWire Releases 100% iPhone & iPad Compatible Lightning Cable


Holiday shoppers looking for gift-worthy gadgets and accessories will be pleased to know that TruWire recently released their certified Apple-compatible lightning cable to USB, now available on Amazon. Continue reading

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Dec 23, 2013 /prREACH/ --

To address the increasing consumer demand for more high-quality hardware accessories that are guaranteed to work with today’s top-of-the-line remote devices, TruWire has recently released the TruWire Lightning Cable to USB for Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPad Air/Mini, iPod Charger.

Dubbed as “the only frustration-free cable at a competitive price in the market,” the three-foot TruWire Lightning Cable is made of quality materials designed for a lifetime of heavy use. It snugly fits in most cases designed for storing lightning cables, making it perfectly portable for travelers and users constantly on the move.

As with all items made by TruWire, this iPhone 5 cable is 100%-certified to be compatible with Apple products. During its development and design, the product underwent rigorous testing for compatibility to prevent the most common problems seen with competitor cables such as error screens or sudden stops during data transfers. Moreover, it will continue to work even after Apple firmware updates in the future.

The TruWire Lightning Cable is perfect for people looking for value-for-money gadget gears for the holidays, as a gift to others or for themselves,” says a TruWire representative. “It’s suitable for anyone who is a mobile device user – from remote workers who demand no-fail solutions from their tools to business owners who require efficiency and reliability to gadget collectors who expect high performance every time for their high-powered devices.”

He adds that the most important feature of the TruWire Lightning Cable is its state-of-the-art data and syncing function, allowing users to collect, transfer, share, store and organize data without errors. “In today’s information-driven economy, you cannot afford to lose or compromise any piece of information whether it’s for business or personal use. Low-quality cable can lead to costly delays and data loss. Meanwhile, our user reviews report that the TruWire cable is ‘as good’ as their original Apple cables,” he says.

Reviewers were also happy with how fast the TruWire Lightning Cable can charge their smart phones and devices and with the seamless data syncing process. They also commented on the “immediate and personalized” response from the TruWire support team.

The lightning cable is originally priced on Amazon for $17.99. As of presstime, however, distributor JCS Unlimited is offering a 25 percent discount, lowering the price down to $12.99, plus free shipping for orders over $35. Each order also comes with a hassle-free, no questions-asked lifetime guarantee.

The item ships directly from the Amazon warehouse, making it a practical choice for those who are ordering for the holidays. Shoppers can opt for the two-day shipping or one-day shipping during checkout to receive the product on time even at the height of the Christmas rush. This fast shipping and quick delivery time can be impossible to expect with most other lightning cords from overseas manufacturers that require at least three weeks delivery period. For the ultimate gift solution, shoppers can also include a gift wrap with their orders.

For more information on the TruWire Lightning Cable features and ordering details, readers can visit the Amazon page today.

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