TurboFlash LED Headlamp Distributor Announces New Color Choices to Product Line


Ted Roberson, founder of Home Standard, successful Amazon seller and outdoor enthusiast is pleased to announce the addition of color choices for the powerful waterproof rechargeable TurboFlash LED Headlamp Continue reading

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Aug 28, 2014 /prREACH/ -- TurboFlash’s widely used LED headlamp is now on hand with a preference in colors for the head straps. Having come to be highly well known with sportsman and outdoor sports people, the company saw the need to add a camouflage head strap selection to avoid breaking the visual camouflage used to keep hidden from wilderness game during the pursuit.

This choice immediately became popular, not just with sportsmen but with people desiring choices that reflect their style. TurboFlash added vibrant Batman Blue as a second additional color selection in head band colors, while discontinuing to provide the original red and black headband as a choice.

Ted Roberson has always been an nature enthusiast. His love of mother nature led him to begin his first web based business, Landscape Living, where he marketed only those goods he found most useful in his own landscaping and gardening projects.

While camping and hiking with his family and friends, Roberson recognized he needed to add a top-quality, durable headlamp to his outdoor gear so he began research to locate the finest LED headlamp for the money.

After obtaining a TurboFlash LED headlamp, he was so fascinated with the performance, high quality, brightness and features that he started Home Standard to showcase the headlamp on the well-known Amazon.com platform. At that time, the light unit and head straps were all red and black and no colour selections were available. Even with only one colour selection, buyers made the TurboFlash a big success for Home Standard.

In a recent interview, Roberson stated, “I only believe in marketing merchandise I truly believe in and am satisfied with. TurboFlash’s headlamp meets and exceeds my rigorous requirements as a top quality product. Not only is it water-resistant, it has a waterproof storage case. Now that individuals can create a personal statement by choosing various color head bands, this product will stand out even far more from other, lower quality merchandise.”

He went on to point out, “I have been pleased at the number of occasions I discover my Turboflash LED headlamp to be essential - home repairs, outdoors, curbside use, electrical power outages, you name it. I’m always reaching for my headlamp to remedy any kind of lighting need.”

The TurboFlash LED headlamp’s BRC 18650 power supply is easily recharged with an included AC charging device. A light on the device notifies when the headlamp is charging and when it is fully charged. Charging time is quick and a single charge lasts hours longer than just over night. It has three lighting effects modes: super-bright, regular and blinking strobe setting with regard to emergencies.

While the lighting unit continues to be available only in black, the head band color options will bring a new level of popularity to this in-demand LED hands-free lighting solution. Providing 1,000 lumens of light, the beam lights up a great distance and the emergency strobe can be seen for a long way.

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Ted Roberson


I have been amazed at the number of times I find my Turboflash LED headlamp to be essential – home repairs, outdoors, roadside use, power outages, you name it. I’m always reaching for my headlamp to solve any lighting need.
- Ted Roberson
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