TydenBrooks Expands In-Stock Inventory to Include Security Tapes and Labels


Tamper evident security seals company, TydenBrooks brings convenient access to security tapes and security labels adding security seals, bolt seals and other safety seals to its “Get It Now” program Continue reading

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Jul 22, 2016 /prREACH/ -- TydenBrooks, the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of security seals has expanded in-stock inventory of security tapes and security labels for transportation companies, retailers and land manufacturers who need quick solutions to protect and secure goods in production and transit. For these companies, TydenBrooks’ tamper evident security tapes and labels are stocked in standard configurations and are ready to ship within 2 business days.

In today’s world of “click to get it now” both small and Fortune 500 companies appreciate the quick turn-around for items they use regularly.  For example, manufacturers that need to show evidence of cleaning or screening use security tapes and labels to demonstrate that machinery or production goods are tamper-free.  Likewise, security tape shows that high value items are safely sealed and this security tape can be ordered either with or without residue. In all cases, TydenBrooks’s in-stock inventory ships fast, is convenient and cost-effective.

TydenBrooks’ continues to expand its inventory of in-stock security tapes and security labels in standard configurations and online purchases for US based customers to provide 2-day delivery. Transactions are for US dollars only. Custom versions of these products may be ordered via RFQ, with minimum quantities that are customized security tapes and security labels, consistent with TydenBrooks’ policies for other customized security seals.

“TydenBrooks knows that value, flexibility and speed of delivery are important to their customers. That’s why they continue to build in-stock inventory of all products including security tapes and security labels and making more of them available online,” said Frank Bagli, Vice President American Sales. “It’s about continuing to provide convenience and service for customers.”

TydenBrooks specializes in many kinds of security tapes and safety labels in standard configurations that customers can receive within 2 business days.

 - KL Tamper Evident Delaminating Label - This tamper evident self-voiding security label permanently de-laminates when lifted, leaving a void message on the application surface. This label shows the word VOID if removed and leaves no residue on the sealed surface. - KNDM Security Seal - Shows the word VOID if removed. No residue on the sealed surface. Breaks at security cuts.

 - KNR Non-Residue Void Security Seal - The seal leaves an easy to see VOID/OPEN security message in the seal material itself, while leaving no adhesive residue on the sealed surface.

 - KR Residue Labels - The KR Security Label is self-voiding and provides a VOID/OPENED security message on the application surface

 - KTXT Partial Transfer Tape - KTXT Partial Transfer Tape is high quality, cost effective security tape.

 - MRP2 Tamper Evident Foil Label - This tamper evident foil label has frangible security cuts on each side of the label that will self-destruct.

 - MRS2 Tamper Evident Label - The pliable vinyl label on this destructible tamper evident label will stretch if force is applied against it.

 - WE CARE Gas Pump Tamper-Evident Labels - Gas Pump Tamper-Evident Labels that secure against Credit Card Skimming.

To learn more about security tapes and security labels as well as high security seals and bolt seals, visit the company website at: http://tydenbrooks.com/seals-by-type/in-stock-products-get-it-now or call 1-800-458-SEAL.

ABOUT TYDENBROOKS TydenBrooks is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high security seals, security tapes and security labels.  Through its acquisitions of TydenBrammall, EJ Brooks, and Stoffel Seals, TydenBrooks has over 350 years of combined experience and history in the manufacture of security seals. TydenBrooks has consistently demonstrated market leadership through innovation, research, quality, design, and manufacturing globally.

TydenBrooks knows that value, flexibility and speed of delivery are important to their customers. That’s why they continue to build in-stock inventory of all products including security tapes and security labels.
- Frank Bagli, Vice President Americas Sales
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