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TydenBrooks, a Global Leader in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Tamper Evident Container Security Seals Protect High Value Cargo and Reduce Financial Risk. Continue reading

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Sep 29, 2016 /prREACH/ -- TydenBrooks, offering a wide variety of tamper evident security seals for containers and trucks, helps its customers from food and beverage to electronics to building supplies prevent unauthorized access to cargo, safeguarding goods against theft and contamination.

In the United States, where an estimated $30 billion in cargo is stolen each year, cargo thieves are sophisticated, organized, and often work in syndicates from bases such as Florida and California, given their proximity to areas where trading black market goods are a way of life. Cargo thieves target goods they can easily broker through a "fence," or a person who knowingly buys stolen property to resell.

The financial risk is great for food and beverage, electronics and other companies who transport high value cargo, particularly across international borders. According to Freight Watch International 2016 data, food and beverage was the number one stolen category with a reported $3.81 million loss. Electronics accounted for the greatest value loss, totaling $14.6 million.

Companies can stop their freight from being stolen or compromised. Follow these best practices to improve freight’s security from TydenBrooks, makers of high security seals that have secured cargo for decades in 50 countries around the world.

1. Assess company strengths and vulnerabilities – Any company that qualifies for C-TPAT status can have a Customs-supplied questionnaire, a critical self-assessment that identifies security strengths and vulnerabilities for a company’s supply chain. This assessment is an excellent place to start.

2. Ensure physical integrity of shipments and protection of facilities – Random container/trailer inspections control tracking of goods and ensure authorized carriers both in and out of the supply chain. Routine spot checks of containers and high security container seals in the presence of another security officer are invaluable. Drivers should provide ID to the guard who verifies the information, records the container number, license plate of the rig, the tamper evident security seal number, date and time.

3. Train employees, especially IT personnel – Safeguards are only as secure as the people who monitor them. Quarterly trainings and annual evaluations will keep personnel aware of security requirements, use of high security seals and capable of responding to intruder entries and other incidents, minimizing the threat of theft. IT personnel should be physically set apart from other operations and properly trained in security protocols including restricted access, password protection and regular verification of secure data structures.

4. Use of tamper evident security seals for containers and trucks – The use of high security seals as identified by ISO 17712 should be routine. Users should be trained to recognize compliant high security seals and able to determine breakage and indications of tampering or theft. Ensure that these high security seals confirm with regulations including: 1) test documents that provide compliance to ISAO 17712, 2) an independent test facility that is A2LA-certified and 3) manufacturer’s audit by a certified entity.

5. Test security programs – many security procedures can be tested for their viability and effectiveness. Use likely scenarios to evaluate readiness and protocols to determine breaches in security. For example, presence of an unmarked vehicle, unauthorized personnel in sensitive area, erroneous high security seal codes or broken tamper evident security seals for containers.

Taking the necessary precautions to ensure that cargo is locked and sealed with high security seals for containers will help detect if shipping containers or cargo have been compromised during transit. TydenBrooks works with customers to develop the kind of security plan that safeguards cargo against unauthorized access, theft, damage and contamination, reducing financial risk.

To learn more about Tamper Evident Container Security Seals, visit the company website at: http://tydenbrooks.com or call 1-800-458-SEAL.

ABOUT TYDENBROOKS TydenBrooks is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of tamper evident security seals for containers and other security seals. Through its acquisitions of TydenBrammall, EJ Brooks, and Stoffel Seals, TydenBrooks has over 350 years of combined experience and history in the manufacture of tamper evident security seals and container seals. TydenBrooks has consistently demonstrated market leadership through innovation, research, quality, design and manufacturing globally.

To learn more about Tamper Evident Container Security Seals, visit the company website at: http://tydenbrooks.com or call 1-800-458-SEAL.

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