Underseat Luggage with Useful Features Makes Impressive Amazon Debut


GearMaart’s recently launched underseat carry on luggage is making steady progress on Amazon. This TSA-approved backpack relieves users from the stress and discomfort of traveling with its innovative features.


Sahuarita, AZ, Aug 27, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Backpack Equip Underseat Carry On Luggage, an innovatively designed travel accessory from GearMaart, has been receiving impressive feedback from Amazon customers to date. This carry on underseat luggage comes with multiple pockets and compartments to organize a wide range of travel essentials. With a size of 16x13x8 inches, these backpacks are TSA-approved and within the maximum-allowed size for almost all airlines.

More information about GearMaart's latest product can be found at https://gearmaart.com/pages/underseat-carry-on-luggage.

"Whether you're traveling to the park or around the world, Backpack Equip's got your back...pack. Stylish and sturdy, our luggage underseat backpack is designed to ease the stress and discomfort of traveling both across town and across oceans without making you look like a tourist. Depart in style with Backpack Equip," said Terri, the spokesperson for GearMaart.

Without a proper backpack, traveling with kids can be extremely troublesome at times. Parents often find it difficult to carry their child's toys, snacks, and drinks in an organized manner. GearMaart says that its carry on luggage 22x14x9 can solve this problem with a pocket for everything. With compartments for laptop accessories and charging cables, it can be used as a laptop bag, as well. The product also has a hidden pocket for carrying cash, passport, and travel documents.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires access to luggage without the passenger being present. As per the TSA guidelines, travelers can lock their luggage using certain types of locks that they can open and relock. With its double zippers, the underseat luggage from GearMaart allows travelers to add any TSA-approved luggage lock.

The most useful features of the product, as mentioned by users are:

  • One wide-top main compartment with six slip pouches inside
  • One large zipper pocket for documents, laptops, and tablets within the main compartment
  • Two open slip style pockets
  • Three zipper pockets, including one with two slip pockets
  • Two mesh pouches on shoulder straps
  • Two expandable pockets for water bottles
  • Made of sturdy canvas with padded straps for comfort

Those interested in learning more about GearMaart's Backpack Equip Underseat Carry On Luggage should visit the company's website or Amazon storefront.



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