Universal Wealth Managers Announces New Website Launch to Simplify the Infinite Banking Concept


InfiniteBankingSimplified.com was recently launched providing innovative financial tools for clients seeking to achieve financial independence by utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept. Continue reading

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Feb 11, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Miami, Fla., January 31st, 2017--Universal Wealth Managers LLC (UWM), a Miami-based company formed by financial professionals Isis B. Palicio, LUTCF, MBA and Pedro A. Palicio, MBA, Ph.D. with over 40 years of combined experience working with clients nationwide, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website www.infinitebankingsimplified.com. The new website provides foundational financial information about the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and financial success strategies on becoming one’s own banker, an idea originated by R. Nelson Nash, discoverer and developer of The Infinite Banking Concept™ and the author of "Becoming Your Own Banker".

UWM's new website is designed to assist any individual or business that is seeking alternative ways to increase their wealth and achieve financial freedom by implementing this low-risk, high-return method. The website comes with valuable resources, such as free downloads, podcasts, video and audio tutorials, a blog and specialized sections, which will help educate individuals on the process of creating their own banking system by leveraging the power of specially-designed dividend-paying whole life insurance policies. In its simplest terms, IBC is an alternative to traditional savings and investments, such as a savings account yielding zero or very little interest, or to investing in the unpredictable stock market with its inherent risks and volatility.

“It’s exciting to offer this new website as a one-stop-shop resource for anyone interested in the IBC system as a means to achieve financial freedom," said Isis B. Palicio, Executive Vice President and COO of UWM. “The mission is to coach individuals, professionals and business owners, on how to create a funding mechanism that works for them since anyone can truly benefit from our IBC program; and this website is a great way to introduce the concept in its simplest form, which is to learn how to achieve their financial goals by creatively leveraging the financial tools afforded by reputable whole life mutual insurance providers."

"It's a tragedy that roughly 90% of the people in this country do not have the right financial education, and the negative consequences of that is seen in business every day," said Pedro A. Palicio, President and CEO of UWM.

"Some clients are from younger generations, such as Millennials, who approach UWM with great concerns about their financial future, because they experienced the hardships their parents endured during the past decade, and they want to know how to best prepare themselves to avoid going through that same kind of struggle and insecurity." He added, "As financial experts with a good track record of over 20 years, good financial education and leveraging systems like the IBC will make all the difference in the success or failure for both individuals and companies, moving forward during this time of economic uncertainty".

As part of its objective to provide critical information to individuals who are looking to bypass Wall Street and traditional investments to grow their wealth, UWM has included sections that will guide the visitor step-by-step by explaining how the program works, as well as the benefits and impacts of IBC, such as:

* Keeping the 34.5% of after-tax income lost to interest payments;
* Having all that interest earn interest itself;
* Obtaining guaranteed positive-growth with no losses;
* Paying off cars, credit cards, home, student loans, and other debts in five to seven years (in most cases), while simultaneously building retirement wealth using the same dollars;
* Obtaining guaranteed access to credit;
* Dramatically reducing investment risk;
* Eliminating the contributions and withdrawal restrictions of qualified retirement plans;
* Enjoying unrestricted privacy, liquidity, control, and use of your money for any reason;
* Protecting your wealth from creditors, judgments and lawsuits in most states; and
* Building wealth tax-free, among many other benefits.

The website also provides strategies for optimizing investment opportunities, a section on paid-up additions riders, as well as important information about life insurance that is relevant to the public at large. UWM encourages any visitor who is interested in learning more to contact them directly for a hassle-free consultation, or to request a formal presentation.

For more information about the IBC program or to learn how UWM can coach you in the process of taking control of your banking policies to continuously increase wealth, visit www.infinitebankingsimplified.com or call the toll-free number 1-844-443-8422.

About Universal Wealth Managers LLC
Universal Wealth Managers, a Miami-based company founded in 2005 to provide its clients with insurance brokerage and financial advisory services of the highest quality. The founders are Isis B. Palicio and Pedro A. Palicio, seasoned financial professionals with over 20 years of experience and a passion for helping their clients achieve financial success. Both professionals are Authorized Practitioners of the Infinite Banking Concepts® in all 50 states. UWM only works with reputable mutual insurance companies that offer dividend-paying whole life policies. For more information, please visit www.infinitebankingsimplified.com or call toll-free 1-844-443-8422

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"It's a tragedy that roughly 90% of the people in this country do not have the right financial education, and we see the negative consequences of that in our business every day."
- Pedro A. Palicio, President and CEO
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