Urban Design Expert Alexandros Washburn to Appear on “I Know This Guy”


The “I Know This Guy” podcast welcomes urban design expert Alexandros Washburn to next week’s show. Host Norman Farrar invites successful personalities from different fields to share their life stories during this weekly podcast. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Mar 22, 2021 /prREACH/ -- "I Know This Guy" is pleased to welcome globally acclaimed urban design specialist Alexandros Washburn to next week's show. Conceptualized by distinguished entrepreneur and online business guru Norman Farrar, this show invites the most interesting people Farrar has met in his three-decade-long career. Many eminent guests from various fields have already shared their inspiring stories on this podcast.

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Alexandros Washburn is a global authority in designing cities. He earned his Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and was a Morehead Scholar at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Former Chief Urban Designer of New York City, he is also the founder of DRAW Brooklyn, an innovative design firm combining design, finance, and policy. He also authored the book, "The Nature of Urban Design, a New York Perspective on Resilience," in which Washburn shows how a well-designed city can be the most efficient, equitable, safe, and enriching place on earth. Additionally, he is a recipient of the 2013 New York Public Architect Award.

Washburn sees urban design as the point at which politics, finance, and design come together and strongly believes that each sector is only strengthened by understanding the other. Before working for the City of New York Planning Department, he worked as an advisor on public works to Senator Daniel Moynihan and was later the President of the Pennsylvania Station Redevelopment Corporation. Then, he worked as a principal and partner at W Architecture, focusing on landscape architecture. While working here, he designed the award-winning Harlem Piers waterfront park before joining the Bloomberg Administration.

A bicycle commuter, global professor, and world traveler, Washburn carries his sketchbook with him around the world to bring best practices back home to New York.

To learn more about Alexandros Washburn's life and work, please tune in to the upcoming episode of "I Know This Guy" on your favorite podcast platform.

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About Alexandros Washburn

Alexandros Washburn AIA is a global authority on the design of cities and the founder of DRAW Brooklyn, an innovative design firm that combines policy, finance and design. He is the former Chief Urban Designer of New York City and the author of The Nature of Urban Design, a New York Perspective on Resilience.



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