UV Light Sterilizer Helps to Keep Families Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic


EVLAs’ multi-award-winning UV Light Sterilizer is helping families stay safe from the global coronavirus pandemic. This FCC-approved product requires only 11 minutes to sterilize keys, phones, credit cards, work passes and more. Continue reading


Dallas, Texas, Jul 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- EVLAs, a family run business, is making an impact on Amazon with its popular UV Light Sterilizer. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many Amazon shoppers have been putting their trust in this product to keep their families safe and healthy. The sterilizer box is equipped with touch screen control and effectively sterilizes keys, phones, credit cards, work passes and much more in just 11 minutes.

To find out more about the product, please visit https://evlas.com/.

COVID-19 has so far infected over 11 million people worldwide and claimed more than 500,000 lives with the statistics of Europe and the United States overtaking China, where the pandemic started last December. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus a pandemic due to its widespread outbreak and has warned that the worst of COVID-19 may be yet to come.

According to studies, germs and bacteria usually live on the surfaces in the environment, in homes, workplaces and vehicles. Simply wiping down keys, tech gadgets and accessories with an alcohol-based sanitizer might not kill the germs. Disinfecting can help in destroying 99.9% of all viruses that accumulate on the surface of items.

EVLAs' co-founder, Ruth Bowie, says, "Unlike traditional steam sterilizers that require daily cleaning to prevent limescale and rust, our UV sterilizer doesn't require descaling or cleaning because it uses ultraviolet rays. Also, compared to traditional steam sterilizers, it has significantly lower power consumption. Its UV-C bulbs last for over 6,000 hours, and they can be replaced when required."

EVLAs' UV Sanitizer Box is currently a top-seller on Amazon in its product category, and Amazon has recently shortlisted it as an Amazon's Choice product. It has also won numerous prestigious awards, including Moms' Choice, NAPPA and the Baby Maternity Magazine Gold Award.

"I bought this on the 1st of March 2020. I work with patients in a doctor's office. I originally bought this to sterilize my badge, keys, pens, wedding ring, etc. that was at work and home, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. I never dreamed that it would be sterilizing so much in an attempt to keep me, my family, my coworkers, and my patients a little safer," an impressed user states in his Amazon review.

To find out more, please visit the company's official website or https://amazon.com/evlas.


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