Houston Online Media Expert Explains the Power of Using Video Press Releases


Houston Online Media Expert Keith Robinson, Founder of Online Authority Source elaborates on the power of using a Video Press Release instead of the traditional text only press release. Using a Video Press Release with a live anchorperson reading the news story on screen grabs the attention of the viewer unlike any text press release possibly could. Continue reading

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Aug 12, 2015 /prREACH/ -- The power of using a press release or news release to build company brand, increase credibility, attract more clients, patients or prospects and build trust is nothing new. Many business owners and professional individuals have been utilizing this source of media to get attention for many years. In this day and age of fierce competition in all areas of marketing, especially online marketing, traditional press releases are just not getting the job done like they once did. Houston Online Media Expert, Keith Robinson, Founder of Online Authority Source explains the big difference between traditional press releases and the incredible power of using a video news release with a live anchor on screen reading the news story.

According to Robinson, “Using a Video News Release instead of the usual text only press release actually has 10 times the power and effect for increasing brand awareness, gaining trust and building a more impressive online presence.”

Using a video press release will appeal to many people simply because there is no reading involved, it’s easy. Video also tends to appear more professional because it has the live news anchor on screen sharing the story just like the regular news. When people see the “News” on the screen they automatically feel more likely to trust the business or professional it represents and it builds the credibility of the source that much more. Most people are very accustomed to video and don’t mind taking a minute to watch a video as opposed to having to read through a text press release.

Now, here’s where the real power of using a Video Press Release comes into play…….

Online Authority Source not only provides the professional writing and publishing of the news release which is delivered onscreen by a live news anchor, but with every news release published a separate script is written for the news anchor to read that is much more conversational than a text press release. In addition the video press release service provides the ability to add up to four images, four separate documents and a separate video that is published online providing a total of ten different pieces of information or data, all of which is SEO friendly for the search engines to find. In effect, this makes the video news release service 10 times more powerful for broadcasting the client’s news than a simple text only press release. Online Authority Source even Guarantees the news story will be syndicated and published on hundreds of local and national TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Blog and other media outlets including numerous affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Online Authority Source provides news writing and publishing services for many types of professionals and specializes in the promotion of spine and orthopedic surgeons as well as other doctors. For further information or to contact Keith Robinson at Online Authority Source call 713-416-3529 or visit the website at www.OnlineAuthoritySource.com.

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