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    Are Home Owners Being Killed While Sleeping? Osborne Swoops In and Solves The Leaky Home Crisis

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    We Buy Leaky Homes was founded to fix the crisis that many people were facing. A leaky home can be a very serious issue and this is where Mark Osborne and his team will fix all the problems of home owners with leaky homes.

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    In New Zealand alone there are over 80,000 homes effected by the leaky home crisis, which is a huge problem that can cause death. Exposure to mould and damp environments cause a variety of health effects and can cause a number of serious conditions such as throat irritation, severe coughing, eye irritation and even bad skin irritation to list a few. These are huge health implications that could possibly kill people and their loved ones. Many people are stuck with this problem and aren’t sure what to do or where to seek help.  No one in their right mind will buy a home when it is full of mould and leaking right? Wrong! Osborne of the We Buy Leaky Homes team will.  He is swooping in and taking the problem away from these families. We Buy Leaky Homes will buy the mouldy homes and alleviate the hassle of finding people to buy it.

    Repairing a leaky home can cost a family their fortune. Homeowners should not throw away their money trying to fix the problem.  Instead, Osborne can take the problem off their hands so they can buy a new home without the fear of losing family, getting sick and possibly dying. It is not just the worry of sick family members, but also all the medical bills that add up when dealing with these issues. People should not be spending unnecessary money, but rather letting the We Buy Leaky Homes team give them money to take their problems away so focusing on a healthy life and family becomes their number one priority.

    We Buy Leaky Homes was founded to give much needed relief to distressed home owners affected by this crisis. They provide buying solutions to their clients to get out of their Leaky Home and back enjoying life.  Contact them today to learn more.

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