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FLARMOR has launched its weed control ground cover on Amazon, providing gardeners and landscaping professionals a time-saving and eco-friendly alternative to weed control that will last for years to come. Continue reading


Torrance, CA, Mar 18, 2021 /prREACH/ -- The team of landscaping experts at FLARMOR is excited to have launched its weed control ground cover on Amazon. The company's high-quality landscape fabric is an effective way to help home gardeners and professionals save valuable time and drastically reduce the amount of work needed to control unwanted weeds' growth.

Learn more about ground cover fabric at https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Landscape-Fabric-Heavy-108gsm/dp/B079VS73L3.

There is a long-standing battle between weeds and the gardener. Not only can weeds be an unsightly addition to gardens and landscaping projects, but they also compete with other plants for the resources they all need to grow: water, sunlight, nutrients, and space. "Since weeds can grow in a wider range of conditions, they are using the available resources and sprouting before other plants even have a chance to get started," says the brand's senior spokesperson. Furthermore, weeds' ability to bloom and seed quite quickly results in them being superspreaders that can easily get out of control and choke out other plants.

Pulling weeds before they have bloomed and spread their seeds has been the traditional weed control practice, but it requires a lot of time and energy. "Herbicides are also an effective tool; however, these chemicals are damaging to the environment, contributing to air, water, and soil pollution," the brand adds.

Landscape fabric has become the ideal eco-friendly solution for successfully dealing with weeds long-term. The fabric allows water and air to permeate the ground for the plants people want to grow while blocking sunlight and preventing weed germination.

Amazon customers are impressed with the quality of the product and are happy to spend less time weeding, as reflected in this review, "Great for my garden, controls weeds and makes it easy for planting in rows. Also used it in my flower beds, which allows me to spend more time in my pool instead of pulling weeds."

FLARMOR's premium landscape fabric is available in a 3-by-300-foot roll. It is suitable for use on all soil types and is tolerant of all weather conditions. Installation is easy; simply roll out desired lengths, overlapping edges if necessary. Weed barrier can be cut with a pair of scissors if smaller sizes are required. To complete a landscaping design, wood chips, gravel, and stones can be placed on top of the fabric without compromising its function.

For additional information on weed control fabric for gardens, please visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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