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Dual-degreed Dr. Rupi Dhadli provides expert dental services

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Oct 14, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Hillsboro, Ore. – Selecting the right dental office is a difficult task for millions of Americans. Finding a dental professional that has experience, offers compassionate care in a safe and relaxing setting, and has a variety of treatments available for a variety of dental ailments are just a few of the criteria patients look for in a medical professional. Residents in Hillsboro, Ore., and surrounding areas will find all of this and more at Westside OMS while under the care of Dr. Rupi Dhadli, DDS, MD.

What makes Dr. Dhadli stand out from her peers is that she is one of the few practitioners in the country to hold dual degrees. She is a certified dental surgeon and is also a medical doctor, ensuring her patients get nothing but the best care. She specializes in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and she works with other established and experienced dentists and specialists in the area to provide comprehensive dental care for all.

Dr. Dhadli’s experience allows her patients to experience immediate relief from serious dental problems, with services including the removal of wisdom teeth, dentoalveolar surgery, bone grafting, implant reconstruction, and oral pathology. The doctor and her staff are experienced in I.V. sedation and anesthesia, which can be performed in their modern, state-of-the-art dental office that utilizes 3D imaging.

Dr. Dhadli and the team at Westside OMS handle even the most complex dental procedures, including dental implants, sinus lifts, extractions, socket preservation, impacted canines, connective-tissue and bone grafting, orthodontic anchorage devices, pre-prosthetic surgery, and stem cells. Dr. Dhadli works with each patient to determine the best course of treatment for impacted teeth, simple and complex extractions, and implantolohy.

Despite having dual degrees and being one of the very few to have such credentials, Dr. Dhadli continues to pursue further education and training to keep up-to-date on the latest dental

advancements. In addition to her extensive experience, she provides compassionate care that makes patients feel safe and at ease while they’re in her office. Dr. Dhadli and her staff are fully committed to providing exceptional service to every patient, along with the best and most modern treatment options available. Affiliations include the American Dental Association, Oregon Dental Association, Oregon Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Washington County Dental Society, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Spears, and International Team for Implantology.

Dr. Dhadli and the team of experts at Westside OMS treat patients to the perfect balance of care and compassion combined with expertise and modern dental treatments. Dr. Dhadli's experience, combined with her caring nature, makes her and her team a top referral in the area for anyone in need of dental surgery or extensive dental work.


Find out more about Dr. Dhadli, DDS, MD and the team at Westside OMS, please contact Rupi Dhadli at (503) 296-8372 or email at [email protected] More information can also be obtained from the office’s social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

In the heart of Silicon Forest, is where you will find, the best in the West. Westside OMS Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.

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