ZenTyme Moments Luxury Shower Steamers Finally Back in Stock on Amazon


ZenTyme Moments by KANDOONA is pleased to reveal that its bestselling Amazon product luxury shower steamers are back in stock. Made using essential oils for stress relief, this product is a unique gift for women. Continue reading


Beverly Hills, CA, Mar 25, 2022 /prREACH/ -- ZenTyme Moments, a brand owned by KANDOONA, has just announced that its highly sought-after product luxury shower steamers are available once again on Amazon. Owing to its extraordinary demand, the product was out of stock for the last two months. However, the stock has now been replenished for this US-made bestselling product. 

ZenTyme Moments shower streamers are now available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087T9B6HV?ref=myi_title_dp

A shower steamer may be referred to as a bath bomb that releases a refreshing aroma while taking a shower to deliver an aromatherapeutic experience. Aromatherapy is proven to activate the smell receptors and affect human emotions. The essential oils used in aromatherapy may help with certain types of pain, lack of sleep, insufficient energy, stress, and much more. 

The shower steamers from ZenTyme Moments are great for sinus relief and can be excellent gifts for women for occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Birthday. Unlike many other shower bath bombs, this product is not enhanced with chemicals and has been manufactured using only the highest quality of natural essential oils. Each pack of the product comes with six tablets, each packed with invigorating lemongrass, citrus, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla, rose, cherry blossom, lavender, chamomile, mint and eucalyptus scents. 

“Our shower steamer aromatherapy spa gift set is the perfect way to de-stress and relax your mind & body. Unlike other shower steamers, they're non-slip, safe for septic systems, melt away without leaving a residue, do not stain your shower floor, and only contain the safest ingredients for your skin,” said ZenTyme Moments spokesperson Anna Olivo. 

Owing to its superior quality, the shower steamers aromatherapy from ZenTyme Moments has received well over 2500 Amazon reviews, making it a top-rated product in its category. The customer testimonials received by the product speak volumes about the brand’s focus on quality and service. 

“I couldn't wait to use these after opening the package because the fragrance was noticeable straight away. Each steamer is smaller than I thought it would be but the amount of fragrance that has been packed into each is amazing. I LOVE that they're made in the USA and the box they come in is so beautiful I wouldn't hesitate giving these as a gift - in fact, I'm about to buy more to do just that! Showering will never be the same again for me - love, love, love these steamers,” a delighted user mentioned in her Amazon review.     

Please visit the brand’s official website or Amazon storefront to find out more about its range of all-natural handcrafted products.

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