Amazon Seller & Mentor Shane Oglow Featured in New Episode of Vova Even’s Show


In the latest episode of his show, Vova Even had the opportunity to welcome seasoned Amazon seller and mentor Shane Oglow. Oglow shared the lesser-known ways to rank on and off Amazon on the program.
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Vaughan, ON, Jul 26, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Vova Even is pleased to announce the latest episode of his show featuring Amazon seller and mentor Shane Oglow. Even and Oglow discuss three lesser-known techniques for ranking on and off Amazon in this episode. An Amazon seller since 2016, Vova Even offers a series of online courses, sharing tutorials, hacks and tricks of the trade. To help others sell better on Amazon, he has created a highly active YouTube channel.

Vova Even’s video with Shane Oglow is available at

An Amazon seller since 2013, Shane Oglow has the track record of building his first brand to over $1 million in revenue in a little more than a year. In addition to selling on Amazon and other marketplaces, he has also trained thousands of Amazon sellers through the extremely popular and successful Amazing Selling Machine program. He is also the co-owner of prREACH, a full-service public relations and media company that helps brands reach more people.

In the video, Oglow talks in detail about how prREACH leverages various techniques to help businesses reach their audience without spending a fortune. He stresses the importance of creating quality content that engages target audiences. He also discussed the various service packages from prREACH and how he has used them effectively as an Amazon seller.

“As a PR firm, we do a lot of extra stuff that you would expect PR firms to do because we've got a really strong Amazon and online business background. It’s important to get that online presence because it makes it easier to get into different marketplaces, whether you're going to or Shopify or physical retail,” said Shane Oglow. “Whatever the plan is, we help pave that foundation, and when you build yourself a real brand, it's a beautiful thing because you are building your customer list that's gold, that's going to make your business worth more.”

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