PR Company Offering One Free Press Release to All Doing COVID-19 Work


Noted PR firm, prReach, is currently running a COVID-19 charity campaign. The company is offering one free press release to any company or individual helping people or doing work related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

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Vaughan, ON, Apr 10, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Leading publisher of written and video press releases and content marketing, prReach, is currently running a charity campaign to help people during the COVID crisis. The company is offering one free press release to each individual or company that is doing work related to COVID-19 or helping people in any way during the pandemic.

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The company specializes in combining specially optimized press releases and powerful video to drive traffic, grow businesses and build brand authority. "Our proprietary network of news media, search engines, journalists, influencers and bloggers ensure incredible reach for regional, national and international distribution," says Norman Farrar, prReach CEO and Growth Specialist.

Press releases are an excellent way for individuals or companies to reach a large audience to inform people of general news, events or products that will help people dealing with COVID-19. A prReach press release can provide instant exposure, increase sales potential, boost marketing effectiveness, increase website traffic, provide new opportunities to reach targeted audiences and distribute content across different channels. It also contributes to improving the recognition, reliability, image, reputation, prestige, revenues and visibility of people, organizations or institutions.

"COVID-19 is having a major impact on daily life and every sector and industry worldwide. The need for online communication is now stronger than ever," comments Farrar.

Anyone interested in the prReach charity campaign will be receiving the very best exposure possible for their COVID-related efforts. Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D., President, and CEO of Grey Matters International Inc. spoke to the work of Farrar and his company, "Norm is exceptional in providing the best customer service around with press releases. One of the most trustworthy men you will ever meet. And the results I have gotten with his press release magic is stunning. 50 -million-to-150-million-reach on my company's latest news each time I have done these with him. I highly recommend Norm and his company!"

Anyone interested in learning more about prReach or its charity campaign should visit the company's official website.


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