D’Artisan Shoppe Store Highlights the Therapeutic Effect of Art & Painting on Mental Illness

D’Artisan Shoppe Store has recently released a statement that professional paint brushes and sets of them can help improve mental health. The online store is a leading retailer of art supplies, providing professional-grade paint brushes for acrylic painting to professional and amateur artists alike. The company believes that painting and art have the power to heal both the mind and body, so they decided to highlight the therapeutic effect of art and painting on mental illness. Continue reading

  • Date: Sep 25, 2020
  • Category: Art

Special Leonardo Da Vinci Easel Offered by Renowned Art Company

Perspective is the art of making close things appear distant, and small things appear large. When painting on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Easel TM, the lower portion of the canvas appears closer, while the upper portion of the canvas appears further away. This produces a natural perspective ingrained through each piece produced through the easel. Continue reading

Fifty plus musicians, dancers, artists and singers come out to pay it forward for their arts

Singer-songwriter Larry White has long been recognized as one of the top talents in the music business––arranging, conducting, and performing for film, TV, Broadway, and the recording industry. With a number of awards under his belt, Larry came to a point where he longed to teach aspiring musicians the best path to success. Now Larry and his wife, Margaret, are upping the ante on giving back by sponsoring Starts Align Protégé’s on July 15th. Proceeds from the event will provide scholarships to members of ARTS (A Reason to Survive), a National City-based organization which believes in the power of the arts and creativity to literally transform lives – especially those of kids. Continue reading

Stars Align Rising Talents to Perform Benefit Concert

Most people know that success leaves clues and that those who have forged their way to the top find meaning in giving back. And that’s just what Stars Align founders Margaret and Larry White have done.

The couple has put together an amazing benefit performance on July 15th. This will be an evening to remember, as the protégés of Stars Align gather together to showcase their talents. These young performers are soaring to their own success under the tutelage of the Whites. In addition to the live performance, area artists will showcase their works as well.

Members of the National City-based ARTS (A Reason to Survive) will benefit from the proceeds of this event.

Be sure to come out for this evening to remember. For more information.!events/c87d Continue reading

Design Sunday to be Held by Maradawn Studios at Pacific Crest Interiors

Design Sunday, a free family event to be held by Maradawn Studios, benefits the non-profit organization, It’s All about the Kids. Continue reading