The World Premiere of “The Alamo” Starring Bobby Costanzo opens February 24th.

Ruskin Group Theatre presents the World Premiere of The Alamo, a new play by Ian McRae, directed by Kent Thompson. Touching on themes of nativism, racism and war, The Alamo paints a humorous yet heartbreaking portrait of eight working class Bay Ridge natives who always seem to find themselves on the front lines of change in America. In the blue collar Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn sits a rundown neighborhood institution called The Alamo; the last great American bar. The owners and bar patrons watched, from the roof, as the World Trade Towers fell, taking down their relatives and friends. Today, with an aging clientele, the place is fighting to keeps it’s doors open and the only hope seems to be the arrival of artist/gentrifiers who are moving into the neighborhood and wanting to adopt the bar as an entertainment hangout. Bay Ridge locals and Alamo regulars don’t want to surrender their bar, much less their neighborhood, to these young neo-carpetbaggers without a fight. Continue reading

Fifty plus musicians, dancers, artists and singers come out to pay it forward for their arts

Singer-songwriter Larry White has long been recognized as one of the top talents in the music business––arranging, conducting, and performing for film, TV, Broadway, and the recording industry. With a number of awards under his belt, Larry came to a point where he longed to teach aspiring musicians the best path to success. Now Larry and his wife, Margaret, are upping the ante on giving back by sponsoring Starts Align Protégé’s on July 15th. Proceeds from the event will provide scholarships to members of ARTS (A Reason to Survive), a National City-based organization which believes in the power of the arts and creativity to literally transform lives – especially those of kids. Continue reading

Stars Align Rising Talents to Perform Benefit Concert

Most people know that success leaves clues and that those who have forged their way to the top find meaning in giving back. And that’s just what Stars Align founders Margaret and Larry White have done.

The couple has put together an amazing benefit performance on July 15th. This will be an evening to remember, as the protégés of Stars Align gather together to showcase their talents. These young performers are soaring to their own success under the tutelage of the Whites. In addition to the live performance, area artists will showcase their works as well.

Members of the National City-based ARTS (A Reason to Survive) will benefit from the proceeds of this event.

Be sure to come out for this evening to remember. For more information. http://www.starsalignnow.com/#!events/c87d Continue reading