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Google puts $50 million in but REIs Have Even Better Options

Google Capital’s recent $50 million investment in speaks volumes about the real estate marketplace giant, but savvy investors know there are many other ways to acquire property and connect with buyers. Continue reading

Despite 20% US Foreclosure Drop, Deals Abound for Savvy Real Estate Investors

As US Foreclosures drop 20% year over year it is great news for the housing market and homeowners who are trying to hang on, but some real estate investors have expressed concern about acquisition and return. REWW CEO Kent Clothier says there’s nothing to worry about. Continue reading

Warren Buffet’s Take on Real Estate Investment Stops Short for Investors Today

Warren Buffet’s annual Berkshire Hathaway Letter to Shareholders reveals some investment insight gained from real estate. However, Buffet stops short of sharing a few key concepts that are significant to today’s investor. Kent Clothier expands. Continue reading

Fed Cautions Against Projections, Despite Dismal Reports

Janet Yellen warns against long term economic projections, reiterating the Fed’s optimistic view of a slow but steady improvement of the Nation’s economy, despite less than promising reports on the rate of unemployment for December and January. Kent Clothier sees only opportunity. Continue reading