Documentary Reveals Opportunities For 50+

A new documentary, “Your Second Fifty,” YSF discusses a variety of opportunities open to those in the second half of life. Covering mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual concerns, Frank Moffatt, producer of the YSF documentary says, “It reminds 50+ers of all that’s possible during this prosperous, thriving, exciting time of life.” Continue reading

The Barefoot Retirement Plan Heralded Number 1 Bestseller On Amazon

The Barefoot Retirement Plan, a new book on retirement planning, has reached number 1 as a bestseller in two Amazon categories. These were in investing basics and retirement planning. Continue reading

The Barefoot Retirement Plan Quickly Reaches #1 On Amazon

The Barefoot Retirement Plan is the #1 bestselling book in both the retirement planning and investing basics categories on Amazon. Continue reading

Ex-IBM Exec Enters Joint Venture with New Asset Class Innovators, Cloud Income Properties

Headquartered out of Boulder, Colorado, Cloud Income Properties Inc., (Cloud) today announced a Strategic Advisor agreement with Internet business expert, Jeff Hunt. Continue reading