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Brad’s Bail Bonds Fresno Announces the Launch of Their New Website

Brad’s Bail Bonds, the leading bail bond service provider in Fresno announced today the launch of its fully-featured website to help clients in Stockton, Oakland, Modesto, Fairfield and other surrounding areas reach a bail bond agent confidentially and quickly.

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NAPFA Members Save When They License Life Goes on Roadmap as a Tool to Guide Their Clients Ahead of Crisis

For the next two years, when members of the National Association for Personal Financial Advisors license and brand Life Goes on Roadmap™ as their own, they now qualify for a 10% savings on their lifetime licensing fee. Learn more at

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10 Certified Financial Planner Professionals Sign On as Life Goes on Roadmap Licensees

Ten CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional financial advisors have signed on as Life Goes on Roadmap™ licensees. Life Goes on Roadmap is a system for personal financial information organization that empowers families to gain power, access and control over crucial documents, accounts, and household operations before disability, disease, or death stop them. Endorsed by Garrett Planning Network Founder Sheryl Garrett, the doors are welcome for new licensees to come on board to serve clients in this practical, yet profound way.

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Steve Juetten Offers Estate Planning Tips Inspired by Aretha Franklin’s Music

When Aretha Franklin — the Queen of Soul — died without a will, she joined a long line of entertainers who also died without leaving a clear path to divide their worldly goods. Here are estate planning tips inspired by among her most beloved music from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Life Goes on Roadmap™ Co-Founder Steve Juetten.

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Sustainability Experts Launch World’s First Circular Economy Executive Mastermind Group

Boutique Consultancy Firm Ouroboros Launches World’s First Circular Economy Executive Mastermind Group

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Life Goes on Roadmap Co-Founders Announce Licensing Opportunity for Financial Advisers to Support Clients in Gaining Power, Access and Control Over Crucial Accounts

The co-founders of Life Goes on Roadmap™ today announce that their system for personal financial information organization is available for licensing by financial advisers who seek to support their clients in getting their financial information and documents organized to give power, access and control for those moments in life when the moments matter most of all. Early adopter pricing is valid through August 31, 2018, and more details are posted at

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Dr. Charles Kinuthia Launches New Book on Achieving Total Wealth Fitness

Dr. Charles Kinuthia, world-renowned business coach, entrepreneur, speaker, educator has just launched his latest book “Unlimited Possibilities” that is centered around helping people get their financial life in order.

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Dennis Coral Lectures to MBA Students at Florida International University

Dennis Coral was guest lecturer for the day at the Business school of Florida International University. He discussed the importance of Financial Wellness to students pursuing their MBA. The lecture was given at FIU’s Brickell campus on January 5.

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CFP® Steve Juetten Offers Timely Personal Finance Organizing Tips for Baby Boomer Married Women and Those Who Love Them

Many baby boomer married women defer the family finances to their spouses. But what happens when something unexpected happens and she is charged with keeping things moving forward? Certified Financial Planner Professional™ Today Steve Juetten shares some essential tips to help women in this situation manage their personal finance situations, even if they find themselves going it alone.

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How Dennis Coral Helps Invest in Your Beliefs

Many a well-educated, socially conscious, environmentally friendly investor wind up buying shares of companies whose beliefs and business practices are far removed from their own. Why? Often investors simply haven’t thought about merging their personal beliefs with their investment strategies. Some may not even be aware of where and how their money is invested.

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Dennis Coral: Active and Passive Investment Management

Investment management can be active or passive. Sometimes, that simple, fundamental choice can make a difference in portfolio performance.

During a particular market climate, one of these two methods may be widely praised, while the other is derided and dismissed. In truth, both approaches have merit, and all investors should understand their principles.

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Dennis Coral: Before Claiming Social Security

Whether someone wants to leave work at 62, 67, or 70, claiming the retirement benefits they are entitled to by federal law is no casual decision. Consider a few key factors first.

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Joff Paradise Trade Coin Club Founder Announces Release of TCC 123.PRO Website

International cryptocurrency trader, entrepreneur and founder of Trade Coin Club Joff Paradise announces the release of the much anticipated TCC 123.PRO website.

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Dennis Coral: Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Mr. Coral recommends financial planning advice with your needs and targets in mind. This planning is backed by a team of professional consultants as well as devoted service and organization of resources. Dennis likes to take the time to talk to his clients to better understand your financial behavior so that he can assess the interaction of multiple objectives and the implications they can have on each other.

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Dennis Coral: A Leader in Our Community

Dennis Coral is reaching out to the community in more ways than one. He is a speaker at events that teach the community about financial planning, has fund-raised for a battle against cancer, and continues to help students achieve their career goals.

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PS Financial Services Continues Strategic Growth With a Recent Expansion to Five More States and Considering More

PS Financial Services Continues Strategic Growth With a Recent Expansion to Five More States and Considering More. The Company Specializing in Reverse Mortgages, Opened New Offices in California, Texas, New York, Georgia and South Carolina

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Retirement Blunders Keep Many Professionals Working Longer Than They Want Certified Financial Planning Professional Steve Juetten Says

Career professionals within five years of retirement have some harsh financial realities to face, and that means having a plan to address them, so says Bellevue, WA-based Certified Financial Planner Professional Steve Juetten. A good first step is to make plans to attend a May 23 Retirement Planning Blunders Webinar to sidestep among the most common mistakes and get on the path to a more abundant retirement as soon as possible.

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Edmonton Day Traders Welcome Joel Wissing for 3 Day Trading Course

Edmonton Day Traders welcome Joel Wissing for a three day trading seminar from June 10 to June 12, 2017.

Posted in Financial | Tagged , , , , | 4 Comments Launches Free Federal Tax Lien Search Tool

The Free Federal Tax Lien Search Tool, just released by, is just in time for tax season. With this free tool anyone with an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone can access their federal tax lien records online.

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UWM Announces New Presentation on How to Increase ROI With The Infinite Banking Concept

Universal Wealth Managers Announces New Presentation on How to Increase Return On Investment With The Infinite Banking Concept.
The Company showcases three different financial scenarios to help guide their clients and prospects through the many uses of their Banking Policies.

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Calgary Day Traders welcome Joel Wissing for three day trading seminar 2017.

Calgary Day Traders, Alberta’s largest day trading group welcome Joel Wissing, Money Maker Edge™ day trader for a three day instructional course February 24-26, 2017.

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PS Financial Services Expands Its Reverse Mortgage Program Into Multiple US States

PS Financial Services, a reverse mortgage specialist based in Florida, announces its expansion into the states of California, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and New York.

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Fundwise Capital Launches New Startup Funding Program For Any New Business

Because Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat all secured funding via venture capital many new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs believe that the venture capital model is the best way to fund a startup to launch a business. Reality is that only 1 to 2 percent of entrepreneurs actually secure venture capital, so what are the other 98% of entrepreneurs to do.

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Universal Wealth Managers Opens A New Location In Coral Gables

Universal Wealth Managers announces their new location in the Coral Gables Business District.

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Financial Foundations Program Debuts to Guide Early Career Professionals to Make the Most of Their Money

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® PROFESSIONAL Steve Juetten and his team at Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC debuted the Financial Foundations Program for early career professionals in their 20s and 30s today. It offers an affordable, convenient way to get live and online financial planning support to achieve important goals without breaking the bank. Now early career professionals can access real help and useful how-to resources that are provided by fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® PROFESSIONALS with the experience, credibility, and insights to guide them.

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Julie Marie McDonough Book Still Making Waves Through Recent Video

Last year Julie Marie McDonough released a book titled, “How to Make Your Credit Score Soar”. The book outlines practical ways for individuals to mend low credit scores. This year, with the addition of a new YouTube video, the book is seeing even more success.

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CFP Steve Juetten shares financial literacy tips for time-starved investors

April Is National Financial Literacy Month and Bellevue, Washington Certified Financial Planner™ professional Steve Juetten notes that there are five investing basics every investor needs to know — especially when time is in short supply.

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SearchBug Unveils Data Cleansing to Append Phone Numbers to Names and Addresses

A “phone only” option is now available to clients taking advantage of SearchBug’s Data Cleansing Service which “Appends Phone Numbers, Names, and Addresses to US Business and Consumer Lists Service.”

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Steve Juetten CFP™ warns investors to be wary about who gives them financial advice in light of new Department of Labor rule

Bellevue Certified Financial Planner Steve Juetten is worried about the false sense of security some people will have after hearing about the new Department of Labor rule, which requires advisers who work with retirement plans and IRAs to be “fiduciaries.”

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Bellevue CFP Steve Juetten and Author Debuts ‘Ditch the Guesswork’ to Serve Time-Starved Investors Seeking Reliable Return on Investment

Bellevue Certified Financial Planner Professional and Bellevue, WA author Steve Juetten has debuted his book ‘Ditch the Guesswork: Creating Reliable ROI for Time-Starved Investors.’ Two sample gift chapters are available at .

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