Amazon listing translation

Amazon Translation Service Important for Listing Optimization to Boost EU Sales

Margin Business shares the importance of utilizing an Amazon translation service to optimize product listings for increased sales in the European Union Amazon marketplace.

E-commerce Micro-Optimization & Translation Expert Promotes Company on Podcast

Amazon business transformation expert, Omar Angri, was recently featured as a guest speaker on PingPong’s podcast “Crossover Commerce.” Angri is the founder and managing director of Margin Business, an e-commerce micro-optimization and translation company.

Amazon FBA Listing Translation Company Shares KDP Tips in Blog Post

YLT Translations, an experienced translation service for Amazon FBA listings, has shared valuable tips on how to make more money with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in international markets.

Amazon Listing Translation Tips Shared by Experienced Service Provider

YLT Translations has recently discussed the importance of Amazon listing translation while expanding into new international market. The company offers a wide range of translation services, tailored specifically for FBA sellers.